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The Hoosier Homeschooler


2009 - Volume 3

more posts from indianaHomeschoolers list subscribers

I promise.

The end of last year has been a busy one. Just lots of things going on in our lives, and everyone else's lives I suppose. But thankfully, there has been a great deal of helpful advice and ideas on our statewide IndianaHomeschoolers e-list. It has been finding the time to publish them here that has been the problem.

Over the next few months, I'll try to skim some of the more elloquent posts from our e-list. The posts that Help Hoosiers Homeschool the most are the ones we would like to archive on this site.

If you're a subscriber to IndianaHomeschoolers, and you come across a post that others need to read, nominate it for inclusion in The Hoosier Homeschooler. Just write me, and I'll get right on it... when I find the time.

090218: We're starting off this volume with a great post from Jerri Keller on how to homeschool an only child. Her words were not only encouraging for the subscriber with the original question, but aparently many long time homeschoolers liked reliving the memories of their early years.


remember to look back

Don't forget to check out our archives of previous posts to The Hoosier Homeschooler. You can read advice, ideas and random thoughts of our contributors from Volume 1 and Volume 2 or just check out a list of the Favorite Posts.

What do I do now?

Well... to get the notices of new material posted to the web site, you should subscribe to the HoosierHomeschooler YahooGroup. We'll use this broadcast e-list to let diehard subscribers know when new material is out and up on the web site.

What if I want to write for HoosierHomeschooler?

Want to get in on this? Absolutely possible! Read our Hoosier Homeschooler Guidelines Page. We'll see if we can get it out there: From the heart of Hoosier Homeschoolers.

Here's to good writing, and thoughtful reading!

- Ben Bennett
Editor, The Hoosier Homeschooler

Post #3.000: Homeschooling an Only Child – Our new contributor, Jerri Keller, answers a question about homeschooling an only child with her experience: "I was absolutely scared to death that we would end up as the silent mom and daughter sitting at the kitchen table in stark solitude. So I jumped in like we were killing snakes right out of the gate. I considered Socialization as one of our core subjects and we made some financial commitments to make it happen."


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Homeschooling is parenting first and educating second. If people could only see that homeschooling is a valid and reasonable first choice, it would not become a last resort.



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