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The Hoosier Homeschooler


the hoosier homeschooler: volume #1 index

Volume #1 - 2007

Hoosier Homeschooler #1.000 | September, 2007
What libraries can do for homeschoolers... and likewise.
By B. B. Bennett

Hoosier Homeschooler #1.001 | September, 2007
The Final Word: Who needs to know what, when?
By Jane Casey

Hoosier Homeschooler #1.002 | September, 2007
Ignorance of the Law
By Deb Harbeson

Hoosier Homeschooler #1.003 | September, 2007
Going to Public School Isn't About Education, It's About Attendance
By Ben Bennett


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Home education is not a pedagogy, it's parenting.



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