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the final word: who needs to know what, when?

Hoosier Homeschooler #1.001 | September, 2007

There have been a couple of people who have expressed confusion about what is called "Reporting Enrollment" and transferring your child from a public school into a home school (which is the same as a non-accredited, non-public school.)

This is -- from my reading of the law, my eleven years experience homeschooling, and the analysis of the law that I have seen -- what you need to do.

If you are new, kids never in school: Start homeschooling. You are not required to tell anybody anything. :) Keep attendance records. On the off chance that the superintendent of schools would someday ask to see documentation, that is all that you need to have.

If your kids are in school: Write a letter to the school stating that you are transferring your children to a private school. There is a sample transfer request letter on the IHEN.org web site. The address is: http://ihen.org/content/documents/forms/student_xfer.htm

Keep attendance. (see above) That is all the law requires.

If you are transferring your kids (not withdrawing, that is a different animal in the eyes of public school employees, and it's a term you should avoid) and the school says you have to report enrollment, what you do is up to you. I wouldn't do it.

I would show them the law and go my way, but that doesn't mean that that is what you have to do.

Just know this: that unless the state superintendent *personally* asks you to report enrollment, you are not required to do so under Indiana state law.

That's the final word.


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If you are transferring your kids and the school says you have to report enrollment, what you do is up to you.
I wouldn't do it.



B. B. Bennett - Editor

We need a definitive answer to the question of reporting homeschool enrollment in Indiana.

Yup! Well... forget about it.

The law was written in a vague manner, and it isn't going to change any time soon. And that, ladies and gentlemen... is a GOOD thing! We like it this way, as we'll explain in another issue.

But for now, let us read the sage words of Jane Casey, Founder of the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list on YahooGroups. She's also my partner in crime with the Indiana Home Educators' Network. ;-)

We've been debating this "reporting enrollment thing" for well over 10 years now, and it's about time we put it to bed. So without further ado, let's get in a one-two punch with the final word from Jane. We'll follow that up with our next post from Deb Harbeson on "Ignorance of the Law."

'Nuf said.

Ben Bennett - Editor, Hoosier Homeschooler




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