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The Hoosier Homeschooler


readers' top ten list

The Top Ten Hoosier Homeschooler Posts

  1. Post #2.000: Go Away! We Don' Wan'na Teach You No More – What some public schools in Indiana are doing to some kids and their parents should be illegal. Oh... wait... I think it IS! Ben Bennett rants and raves again at what he sees as the excommunication of undesirable students from Indiana's public schools. Go Away!

  2. Post #1.001: The Final Word: Who Needs to Know What, When? - In Indiana, the debate on the necessity of filling out a piece of paper, reporting the enrollment of your homeschooled children is endless. Until now. Jane Casey gives her final word on the matter.

  3. Post #1.002: Ignorance of the Law - Still No Excuse - How many times a year, do we hear stories on the IndianaHomeschoolers list that school officials (government employees) are making statements that are not backed up by the law? Deb Harbeson wonders why the people who should know homeschooling law, don't.

  4. Post #1.003: Going to Public School Isn't About Education, It's About Attendance - Writing what we all know inside, Ben Bennett lays out why compulsory schooling has nothing to do with education.

  5. Post #1.000: What can libraries do for homeschoolers... and likewise? - Libraries want to know what they can do to attract more homeschoolers. Ben Bennett comes up with a novel idea: Read some books!

  6. Post #2.001: Fieldtrippin': Homeschoolers in the Real World – What kind of chaos would you expect when the largest tour group of kids ever, comes to your place to visit? Oh... and they're HOMESCHOOLERS!! Tracey Rollison describes the looks on the faces of people who experience Homeschoolers in the Real World.

  7. Post #2.003: Police Blotter: Art Vandal Strikes in Dining Room – Even homeschooling families aren't safe from art vandals. Susan VanNess reports on a recent case. Be on the lookout.

    More to come.... IF you let us know YOUR FAVORITE HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLER ARTICLE.


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Homeschooling is parenting first and educating second. If people could only see that homeschooling is a valid and reasonable first choice, it would not become a last resort.



B. B. Bennett - Editor

Yeah, I get it. When in Indiana, one must do Top Ten Lists. It's a curse, I tell ya!

Nevertheless... Here are the favorite Hoosier Homeschooler posts based on requests from our site visitors and subscribers to the HoosierHomeschooler Newsletter e-list.

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What we hope to provide here is a journal of sorts, by and for Homeschoolers in and from Indiana.

Slower and more thoughtful than a blog... we would like to showcase good writing, thoughtful, intense, creative ideas from the minds of Hoosiers who Homeschool.

So as we build up or library, keep in touch and let us know the article or articles you think should be at the top of the list for everyone to read.





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