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October 2003

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New and Improved

> IHEN DOCUMENTS: Sometimes you just don't know where to put things. And for those kinds of documents, we have found our "file cabinet." The IHEN Documents Page is where you can find the forms we talk about on the IndianaHomeschoolers list, and Chat Logs from our Wednesday Brunch Chats, and other things. You can access the link from the IHEN Library, or click the direct link below.

IHEN Documents!


IHEN Support Directory


IHEN Web Project DVD Rental Store


> IHEN's REACH AND SCOPE: Check out the latest page that sums up where we're all coming from. IHEN's Reach.

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> READ THE IHEN Journal: The October issue of the IHEN Journal is out! Visit the IHEN Journal Archives to read the back issues and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already. It's worth it!

> NEW SALES AND CLASSIFIED ADS LIST and SITE: You can now post your "for sale" or "trade" classified advertising posts to the Class Ad pages! These pages are the latest ways we can Help Hoosiers Homeschool, by offering a "Market" where you can post "for sale" and other classified ad messages. Point your browser to or click the icon below to visit our new Class Ad section of the web site.

Free Classified Ad Posts

> New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Feature: You can always ask an IHEN County Contact a question. You can also ask a question on the IndianaHomeschoolers list. NOW, you can ask those all important questions on our new FAQ pages. If the question hasn't already been asked, Click on "Ask a Question" and you will receive a prompt answer. Click the image below to try it out!

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> DAILY NEWS FROM WORLDNETDAILY.COM: is linking to the daily news server, so you can click once, to see the latest headlines and most current commentary, all from the IHEN web site.


> LINKBACK TO IHEN: IHEN is getting together promotional materials, like web graphics and buttons so you can promote your support for Hoosier Homeschoolers on your web site! Write to the Site Editor (or click on the LinkBack Image below) for more information. Get the code! Click the logo below!

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> COUNTY CONTACTS : There are always new questions being asked of the IHEN County Contacts! If you are thinking it might be your calling to be the person in your county to be called on for information about homeschooling, and you support IHEN, then why not find out how to join the IHEN Web Project Volunteers Committee special e-list, to see how you can help out. Until then, if you want to ask the IHEN County Contacts a question, your answer is an e-mail away.

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Book Suggestion of the Month

> There are always great books about homeschooling and learning. Many are worth mentioning or highlighting. We use this section of the Front and Center panel to highlight a new book or two each month. (See the 2002 or 2003 Book of the Month Archives) Purchasing books from our associate,, helps us to continue fulfilling our mission: Helping Hoosiers Homeschool. Thank you!

> REMEMBER THIS?: The Best of Schoolhouse Rock! by Various Artists
This may not be a book, but it's a must-have for those long drives and field trips! Site Editor's Favorite? "I'm Just a Bill."

> NEXT STOP?: Visit the IHEN Library for more book suggestions! IndianaHomeschoolers are supporting IHEN via purchases through You can use the search box below, or any of the text links to find some of the best books about homeschooling available.

A portion of your book purchase will go toward helping IHEN Help Hoosiers Homeschool. Thanks in advance!

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Points of Interest (stuff on the backburner you might have missed)

> MISSED SOMETHING?: We are archiving the "Front & Center" pages so you can catch up if you've been away for awhile. Visit the Front & Center Archives or click on the "Archives" link at the top of this page when it loads.

The Blue Star Project
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> HELP WANTED: We need your help to make IHEN's IndianaHomeschoolers list the first and best resource in the state of Indiana. Want to know how? Write to the IHEN Organizational Committee for more information or join the organizational committee. You can also visit our Help Wanted Page on our web site.

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> SUPPORT IHEN - HELP HOOSIERS HOMESCHOOL: Find out what you can do to keep resources like alive, and help other homeschoolers like yourself in the process. Yes, I want to Help Hoosiers Homeschool!

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