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BOM Suggestions Archive for 2003
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Book Suggestions of 2003

> The subscribers of IHEN's IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion List often come up with great suggestions for books on homeschooling and learning. The following is the archive of IHEN's suggested reading list for 2003.

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> 01-02/03 For Common Things: Irony, Trust and Commitment in America Today by Jedediah Purdy.
This sounds like a very interesting book by an up-and-coming writer just out of HARVARD.... Oh, by the way — Jedediah was HOMESCHOOLED! Talk about proud parents! I know *I* would be!
Read a review right here. Then go to the web site to read some preview pages. This isn't a "homeschooling" book. But then again... maybe it IS. ;-)

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> 03-04/03 The Homeschooling Book of Answers : The 88 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's Most Respected Voices by Linda Dobson.
Linda is one of the First Ladies of homeschooling. All new homeschoolers should have at least ONE book by Linda Dobson in their library. Might as well be THIS one. :-)

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> 05/03 The Good Citizen's Handbook : A Guide to Proper Behavior by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz
Suzanne Fields writes in "Patriots aren't born, they're made. We're born citizens, but citizenship has to be learned. The Good Citizen's Handbook: A Guide to Proper Behavior, by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz, is a popular little book made up of advice from civics texts, citizenship manuals, government pamphlets, and Boy Scout manuals from the '20s to the '60s. The handbook covers everything from the value of red meat in the diet to the benefits of exercising daily. (Sounds up to date.)"

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> 06-09/03 Seen And Heard : America’s Youngest Political Pundit Tackles the Lies and Truths of Politics and Culture by Kyle Williams
Want to read a compelling book written by a 14 year old HOMESCHOOLER? Check this out!

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> 10/03 Remember this? The Best of Schoolhouse Rock! by Various Artists
Reintroduce your kids to those great songs we loved to learn.


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