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by debbie harbeson

As readers of this column know by now, I have had periods of doubt and fear about whether homeschooling was the right decision for our family. Through it all, I felt a constant positive presence and total support from my husband, John.

When I finally made the decision to homeschool, it was at the same time that John was starting a new business. With this in mind, we both knew that I would have primary responsibility in the day-to-day activities of homeschooling. He ended up being very involved and the business itself played a big part in our homeschooling, but still, I took charge of the venture.

John had total and complete faith in the idea of homeschooling. He was always available to listen as I worked through my anxieties and worries. His trust and confidence helped me through those down days when nothing seemed to go right. On many days, he was better able to see that our kids were getting a great education. I think this was partly because I tended to be stuck in the day-to-day details, but he could focus on the big picture.

In fact, his nonchalant confidence in homeschooling for any family that desired it was the final straw that convinced a customer to give it a shot. While he installed a computer at her home for her family, she took the opportunity to ask him questions about homeschooling. She told him about her fear of not being able to do a good enough job. As she tells the story, he just stopped what he was doing, looked at her and said, "How bad could you be on your worst day, trying to help your own kids learn, and still be better than the best teacher on his best day with 25 kids?" Then he smiled at her and went back to installing the computer. She decided to homeschool after that conversation.

So, I hope all the readers of this journal will indulge me and let me use this traditional month of giving thanks to publicly show my appreciation to my wonderful husband for all his confidence, trust, and support on our homeschooling journey.

Thanks John.



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