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Use this form for introducing yourself to IHEN Advertising Staff. Please include as much information as you can regarding your account, so we can better serve you. We want you to be able to reach the Indiana homeschooling community and create the best impression possible.

New Advertising Client Form
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Your Indiana County:*

*If your business is located in Indiana we will consider including your company/resource in our Statewide Support and Resource Directory. Text-only listings of all homeschooling resources (by county) are free.

If you (named above) will not be the main contact person for this account, please explain in a few lines whom we will be dealing with concerning this account, and fill in the appropriate fields to the right.


Company Contact Person:

Contact E-mail Address:

Company Phone:

Company Mailing Address:


Advertising Budget:

Type of advertising campaign you are most interested in:

If "Other" please give us an idea what you have in mind, below. Otherwise, please use as much space as you would like to describe how you see your company partnering with the Indiana Home Educators' Network and IndianaHomeschoolers to reach Hoosier Homeschoolers with your message.


(Please double check to make sure the information in this form is correct. And don't forget to include your name and e-mail address at the top of this form. Forms without a valid e-mail address will not be read.)



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