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chat log #1: what's the buzz?

[DEBBIE]: Hey Ben, I was just at the IHEN site checking out the Classads pages and you'll never believe what I found.

[BEN]: Oh yeah? What's so cool at

[DEBBIE]: Duh... I KNOW where it is, you PR hound. [DEBBIE]: Check it out... Someone is selling an actual Coke machine! I've always wanted one of those.

[BEN]: Debbie, John will never let you buy it.

[DEBBIE]: Why not?

[BEN]: Because he only likes Pepsi.

[DEBBIE]: Oh rats, you're probably right.

[BEN]: Of course I'm right, I'm always--

[DEBBIE]: No wait! I have a great idea! I'll remind him that Coke helps sponsor several NASCAR teams and if we buy this we'll help support the cause.

[BEN]: Well, I guess it's worth a try.

[DEBBIE]: You're darn right it is. Let's see what else is out there. Wow, did you realize there are two homes for sale and one home wanted? Can you believe that?

[BEN]: Well, why not? We're are all HOMEschoolers, right? And HOMEschoolers are gonna need HOMES then aren't they?

[DEBBIE]: That's just goofy, Ben. I mean UNschoolers don't go around buying uns now do they?

[BEN]: I don't know, you were the unschooler, did you by any uns?

[DEBBIE]: Well, not that I know of, but Keith might have an un or two in his room. But I'm not plowing my way in there to find out. Last time I did that, I found an old checkbook box full of clipped fingernails.

[BEN]: Cool!

[DEBBIE]: You would think that. Ohhh, hey, this looks nice! There's a mini van for sale. But I bet it wasn't owned by a homeschooling family.

[BEN]: Why not?

[DEBBIE]: Because it says the interior cloth is in immaculate condition.

[BEN]: Good point. But then again -- only a homeschooler would use a big word like immaculate! Am I right or am I RI...


[BEN]: DON'T GO! There's a lot more posted on IHEN ClassAds to talk about! We need to remind people to go to and see what they can find. Oh... and we'd better make sure they have plenty of room in your homes and mini-vans!

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Debbie Harbeson and Ben Bennett are co-managers of IndianaHomeschoolers, the largest statewide homeschooling discussion e-list in Indiana. You can contact both of them at

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