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How Advertising Affiliates and Sponsoring Members Help Hoosiers Homeschool

The Indiana Home Educators' Network is a web based community networking project. We rely 100% on volunteerism to operate. The web site expenses, among others are supported exclusively by a very few people, who believe that this organization is the best resource for Hoosier Homeschoolers in the state.

In order to keep IHEN's various web services going and free to the users who rely on the information we provide, we have affiliated with, and allowed advertising on the web site for a few choice, quality businesses and service providers. By using selecting these services through the web site by clicking on their links or ads, a small commission is earned which supplements the donations of those who wish to see this network continue. If you have any complaints regarding our policies or with an advertiser or affiliate, don't hesitate to write to the Advertising Manager.

If you would like to become a Member Advertiser or Sponsor, either fill out a New Member/Client Form from the web site, or write to the IHEN Advertising Manager directly. You can also visit our Advertising Pages and click on the Information and Rate Card links.

If you find that you are well served by the Indiana Home Educators' Network, and appreciate the fact we require no membership fees or dues, please consider using one of our fine affiliates or sponsoring members. If you would rather make a donation of any amount and become a sponsoring member of IHEN, we have convenient ways of doing so. Go to our IHEN Donation Page for more information on how you can personally Help Hoosiers Homeschool.

You might also be interested in volunteering. Our Volunteer Pages show opportunities for volunteering throughout the state, as well as with IHEN.

Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Search Page.

You may also read our FAQ's Database for more information. You can also ask questions, that will be answered promptly.

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