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IHEN facilitates or sponsors several e-mail discussion lists for Hoosier Homeschoolers. Each list title that is linked, sends an e-mail to the moderator/owner of the respective e-mail discussion list.

The "subscribe" link will send an e-mail that automatically subscribes you to that list. (Some lists have special subscription requirements. Most lists are powered by YahooGroups.)

Deb Harbeson & Ben Bennett > Subscribe

Unmoderated > Subscribe [This is an unmoderated, open forum discussion list for the networking and support of single parents who still want to, or are thinking about homeschooling their children. This list is sponsored by IHEN.org.]

Moderated by Ben Bennett and a homeschooling teen volunteer > Subscribe [This is a carefully managed e-list to help teen homeschoolers safely learn how to use e-lists for networking and communication. This list is managed by IHEN.org.]

IHEN Journal Newsletter > Archives
Publisher: Benjamin Bennett, Peach Grove Press/eMedia > Subscribe

IHEN's Web Project List
Moderated by IHEN Board and Directors > Subscribe [This is a "working" list for homeschoolers interested in working with and for IHEN on various projects. Participation is required to maintain subscription.]

IHEN-Books Discussion List
Becca & Matt > Subscribe

IHEN's County Contacts List
Carol Pozos, IHEN County Contact Program Director. The County Contacts list is a special communications "working" list for the use of those working with IHEN.org as an IHEN County Contact.

Other Lists We Like >

contactsihen e-lists and moderators


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