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There are several really good e-mail discussion lists for homeschoolers throughout Indiana.

IHEN's IndianaHomeschoolers list is statewide in scope. And while staying in touch with what is going on in your state is important, we also realize that it's just as important to be in touch with support networks locally. We are pleased to link Hoosier Homeschoolers to as many local e-mail list networks as we can.

If you are a member of a particularly helpful local support group e-list network, why not share it with IHEN? Send e-mail to IHEN Web Services with your suggestion of an e-list we can include here.

Thanks for helping Hoosiers homeschool!

DearbornHomeschoolers > Subscribe
Dearborn Homesch
oolers is a recently formed e-mail support group in Dearborn County. Sheryl Nisly-Nagele, Moderator [0204]

FLT-Indy > Subscribe
The private e-list for the Indianapolis support group, Families Learning Together. FLT membership required to join. Jill Whelan, Moderator [0306]

Homeschooling Aspie Teens > Subscribe
Christine Byrne
manages this is a list for parents who homeschool (or those seriously considering homeschooling) their teens who have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (or suspect their child has Asperger's Syndrome). All are welcome to join, this is a casual, secular group. This is a place to discuss curriculum, learning styles, teaching methods, social skills and other teen specific issues. This is not a place to discuss medical diagnosis, diets, therapies, etc. There are plenty of other lists for that. Upon applying for membership, you will recieve an email from the list owner requesting an introduction. After your introduction is reviewed, you will be approved for memberhip. [0706]

HoosierHomeschoolers > Subscribe
HoosierHomeschoolers is a pretty eclectic e-list. We accept anyone of any persuasion, all we ask is that everyone "be nice." We offer advice to new homeschoolers, a shoulder in times of need, information on curriculum choices, events in Indiana, reports on things of interest to homeschoolers. Anita Shelton, List Manager [0507]

IndianaHSonly > Subscribe
Indiana Homeschooling Only list. Restricted to on topic homeschooling resources and questions only. [0106]

LouisvilleHS > Subscribe
An e-mail list for those living in the Louisville/Indiana area. [0201]

IHEN does not affiliate with or endorse the content or management of these lists.


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