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IHEN Journal

The IHEN Journal is our monthly online newsletter, chock full of interesting information. Each month, the Journal e-mails our subscribers articles, links, essays and resources for Indiana Homeschoolers.

You can find many online web resources, and a unique sampler of discussion threads from the past month on our statewide networking and discussion list, IndianaHomeschoolers. Don't forget the news and updates on IHEN activities, homeschooling news and much, much more.

Another great support resource from the Indiana Home Educators' Networks, and a monthly reminder of the meaning of Hoosier Hospitality -- The IHEN Journal.

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Please Take Note: The IHEN Journal suspended publication in October of 2003. Publication will resume when we find a new editor. Have writing or editing skills you'd like to use to propel a much needed online publication into stardom? Write to the Journal Staff and tell us what you'd like to do!


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