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IHEN Journal VOL. 3 :: 2003

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IHEN Journal #3.10
October 2003

POV: Accountability for What Children Learn by JJ Ross, EdD.

POV: Confessions of a Homeschool Exclusionist by Shay Seaborne
A homeschool mom I know says, "The problem with support groups is they're made up of people who need support." True, but the same organizations can also be a central point for meeting new homeschooling friends, so it isn't uncommon for families to have mixed feelings about support groups. Read the rest of this insightful essay HERE

IHEN Journal #3.09
September 2003

POV: Affiliated Independence by JJ Ross, EdD.

IHEN Journal #3.08
August 2003

IHEN Journal #3.07
July 2003

IHEN Journal #3.06
June 2003

IHEN Journal #3.05
May 2003

IHEN Journal #3.04
April 2003

IHEN Journal #3.03
March 2003

IHEN Journal #3.02
Februrary 2003

IHEN Journal #3.01
January 2003


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