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> #3.06 June 2003

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______________________________________________ CONTENTS__________


you read, you write, we read, we share
eeeek! found us at the library!

> [3] JANE'S VIEW by jane casey
quit learning for the summer? no way!

a monthly sampler from the state's "IndianaHomeschoolers" list

> [5] HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE by jessica radtke
units, curricula and plans ... oh my! (part 2)

read what beth in louisville wrote about the "s" word!

what's happening with homeschoolers *not* in indiana

> [8] RICK'S SCIENCE CORNER by rick beymer
summertime, summertime, sum-sum summertime

read them all on the NHEN web site

> [10] IN-site: IN THE "PALM" OF MY HAND by ben bennett
new web services and observations

>> jane in the papers > jane on the radio (is it all about jane?)
>> where's your point? > volunteers always in demand
>> looking for a few good ads > you can help hoosiers homeschool

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_____________________________ LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER __________
by benjamin bennett

Nope, not the editor. Just me, the guy who puts the newsletter
together and mails it out. Obviously... late this month.

Lots of things have been going on this Spring; some good, some not
so. There have been deaths in families. And we take time to greive.
There have been births! And we take time to sleep when the baby
sleeps. And stuff just keeps on happening. Piles piling. Sometimes
stuff happens at such a fast pace, we find we just can't fit
everything in the newsletter, which is already late, so what's one
more day? ;-)

Like this: While I was trying to put the finishing touches on this
issue, I remembered that there is a "We Stand for Homeschooling"
Resolution floading around the planet that bears mentioning:

There. Got it in there. Check it out and sign it if you like.
Personally, I would like to see a little more discussion on the
matter. Maybe we can start a thread on the IndianaHomeschoolers list.
Maybe some thoughtful essays. Indiana has only 20 charter schools, and
none of them are virtual or particularly cruising for homeschooler
"meat" for their tables. Are we blind to the dangers, or simply
blessed with cooler heads in our state's DOE? These are things that
would be nice to talk about in the coming months. Just not THIS
month. This puppy is too full already. Time for a nap.

Enjoy your IHEN Journal!

B. B. Bennett
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______________________________ LETTERS FROM THE READERS __________
by indiana homeschoolers

From: Andrea Baughman
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003
To: The IHEN Web Project >
Subject: just found your site

Dear IHEN,

I just found your website through a link from the Indianapolis
Public Library's website. I am ecstatic to have a resource like
yours to direct people to, because I get lots of questions about
homeschooling. Keep up the good work!

Why not take a moment and let us know how YOU think we're doing?
Put fingers to keys and write the editor, Deborah Resnick:

___________________________________________ JANE'S VIEW __________
by jane casey

The end of the traditional school year is an interesting time to be a
homeschooler. I observe the end-of-school ritual. I hear mothers
moaning about having the kids home all day. I watch them scrambling
to find day camps and activities to "keep the kids busy" and planning
academic remediation and classes for the summer. I watch the neighbor
kids pour off the bus jumping up and down and dancing down the street
because they are "free" for the summer. And I can juxtapose all of
this against the numerous inquisitions that we have experienced over
the past several weeks, mostly related to our appearance in an
article on homeschooling in the local paper.

I have had my sanity questioned because I LIKE to be with my kids.
I've had my judgement questioned because our style of schooling is
more relaxed. The same parents who are scrambling to find activities
for their children seem shocked that we don't quit "schooling" for
the summer. They don't understand that in order to do that we would
have to quit reading, travelling, playing...breathing. I have been
repeatedly quizzed about my childrens' socialization, several times
by the mother whose daughter is one of the meanest, rudest children I
have ever met. The parents all seem to feel sorry for my kids; the
children all tell them how lucky they are.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what it is about
homeschooling that seems to threaten people. I know that Big
Education is threatened by our success and the possible loss of cash
that goes along with a growth in homeschooling. But I have seen a
growing defensiveness among parents. I think that many of them see
our choice to educate our children at home as an implied judgment of
their choice to send their children to school. And my neighbor shed
some more light on the subject when she complained recently that her
daughter had not stopped begging to be homeschooled since we moved
here. Interesting. Sometimes I believe our next battles will stem
from our very successes and from the discomfort we cause our

Enjoy your summer! And, no, we don't stop learning for "summer
vacation." : )

Want to know what Jane Casey's opinion is on a homeschooling matter?
Got a question that needs answered? Jane's your gal! She's been
homeschooling long enough to have quite an opinion (or two) about
homeschooling in Indina. Find out what Jane thinks, by sending your
question to:
> with "Jane's View" in the subject.

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_______________________________ INDIANA'S E-LIST DIGEST __________
by debbie harbeson

List members posted many resources and links this month. We had
conversations about socialization, ways to help elementary kids learn
math and even a discussion about the usefulness of Birkenstock
sandals. You never know what issues or topics we will be stepping
into on the IndianaHomeschoolers list. -dh

If you want to go to a specific post, go to our website
> and click on
messages in the left margin. Once there, type in the message number
in the "Msg #" search box. If you see an active link below, you
can use that too! :-) You must be a list subscriber to access the
archives and files. Subscription information is below.

Now for this month's sampler of posts to the list:


New Dearborn/Hamilton county group

Hands on History: Flight School, June 13 in Indianapolis

June events at Johnson County Public Library

Programs in New Hendricks County Nature Park

List of Used Book Sales

Classes offered in Indianapolis area by homeschooling mom

Grissom Air Show July 26-27

Free Computer Training at Ball State 


Leadership Day in Indy June 28 for homeschooling group leaders

Link for Indiana Museums:

Civil War Days Billie Creek Village, June 14 and 15


Educational Software Deals.

How-To Book of School Projects

Websites for lists of famous homeschoolers

Geography website:

Interesting statistic resulting from thread about homeschooling
and abuse

History links

Math In Literature

Homeschooling article

Indiana Publications >

Science link >

Music Websites

American Flag Websites

Homeschooling Article in Fort Wayne


* Thread on fourth grade math suggestions
* Thread on socialization
* Thread about article talking about homeschoolers and abuse
* Lighthearted thread about homeschoolers fashion style
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_________________________ HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE __________
by jessica radtke


Welcome to another edition of Hoosier Homeschoolers Online. Over the
next couple of months I will be featuring some of the cross-
curricular, multi-subject sites that I have discovered online.

This month features more of the cross-curricular, multi-subject sites
that I began in last month's column. As before, most of these Web
sites are lesson plan data banks and cover many different subjects.
Enjoy! -jr








Next month, more of course! If you have or know of an on-line
resource, or if you own or know of a Web site you would like to
spread the word about in the "Hoosier Homeschoolers On-Line," send
the information to Jessica Radtke at: >

_______________________________________ IHEN IN-terview __________
by the ihen staff

This month's IN-terview is taking a slightly different tack. Every
once in awhile, we come across a post on the various e-mail lists we
subscribe to, that not only turns into a great read, but also sheds
some personal light on the writer, that usually only comes from a
direct interview. We found this kind of essay recently from a
homeschooling mom in Louisville. Her original post was posted to the
LouisvilleHS e-list. The edited version appears below, with her
permission and with our thanks. -bb

by beth in louisville

29 May 2003 -- Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit with
many members of my extended family at a funeral. (Funeral bad, seeing
family good.) We do not see them much as most live up east in NY, CT,
Del. PA, NH, MA, etc. None of my family homeschool and they look upon
it as something weird, perhaps some strange habit we have picked up
since moving to KY :-) However, after spending the weekend, a
stressful time of formalities etc., they are very impressed with the
social graces of my children and I attribute it to homeschooling.

My two were able to interact very appropriately with all the adults,
even the hard of hearing aging ones, and still be children. They were
the bridge with their cousins and organized all sorts of interactive
play instead of staring fixated at the Play Station. In addition they
helped to quietly entertain the other cousins their age during the
long hours of visitation, etc., when running and screaming would not
have been appreciated. They created games with just paper and pencils
and their imaginations and held the others enthralled. When we finally
relaxed at my brother-in-law's house they were outside organizing
whiffle ball games, Frisbee (trying to encourage the adults to come
play with them too) and then putting on shows for everyone with all
the kids performing on bikes, scooters, skateboards and with jump

My kids are not some shining paragons of virtue, but they are very
self-confident, extremely creative and quite comfortable talking with
both adults and children. They were not perfect, my son had to sit
time out for arguing with me about a direct request, my daughter
spent one period of time pouting because the boy cousins didn't want
her to play with them. But all in all they were delightful in that
large group.

I firmly lay this to homeschooling because two years ago before I
pulled them out of public schools they were not self-confident,
creative children. They would have mumbled at the adults, fought over
the Play Station controllers and whined about being bored. Other
adults really noted how compassionate my son (13) was with his cousin
(whose mother had died after a long bout with cancer). They said
things like, "Other boys his age wouldn't be able to express their
emotions that way," "Other boys his age wouldn't have been able to
reach out and grasp his cousin's shoulder when they were at the
cemetery and give him a hug," "Other boys his age would have been
embarrassed to show such compassion to another boy." Thankfully my
son is apparently not like other boys his age.

They were also very impressed with my 10 year old daughter as she had
written quite a wonderful poem for the occasion and was able to share
it without "performing" at the funeral. All the adults could not get
over how poised she was and how well she could write! They also were
impressed by her conversation skills and the fact that she had
important things to add to adult conversations. Incidentally her two
girl cousins who are both 11 loved being with her and they played
delightfully together.

I am serious when I say that two years ago my children would not have
been comfortable in a mixed group, they would not have had the skills
to occupy themselves and others without artificial stimulation. (TV,
PS, etc.) We are a totally laid back homeschooling family, with no
established schedule, yet in two years my kids have become good
people with a real working knowledge of the world and the capacity to
entertain themselves.

Sometimes I think we all get a little too worried about how our kids
will compare with others. I know I have in the past and I will again
in the future. But it is important to remember that we are raising
our children not just to be college graduates and not just to be good
workers in our economy, but most importantly we are raising our kids
to be good people -- people who care about other people. What better
way to share our values and our world view than by spending our time
with them. We are everyday giving them the all important message that
they are indeed worthwhile, they are worth our time, our energy and
our love.

Beth has lived with her husband and 6 children in Louisville since
1988. While permitting us to use her post, she wrote the following
about herself:

"I took my youngest son out of public school after becoming
frustrated with the school's inability to cope with his learning
differences. I was also becoming dismayed at his loss of self in the
process of failing school. I was scared and felt very unprepared for
this step but knew that I could not mess up his learning any worse
than had been done. Since we would work one-on-one, I at least knew
what my son could do instead of just what he couldn't do.

"A year later I took my youngest daughter out of public school
because I by then knew that I could do a good job. Together we all
are learning immense amounts of stuff.

"In my life that outsiders see, I am adjunct faculty at Louisville
Presbyterian Seminary, I am a social worker supporting foster and
adoptive families and I make and design dance costumes and madrigal

"My older four children have struggled through public school with
varying degrees of success. I feel very badly that I did not step
into their schooling lives earlier. At this point they feel that they
wish to remain in the school system. I support their decisions and
hope they might change their minds."
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_____________________________ HOMESCHOOLING IN THE NEWS __________
national home education network

Headlines from the recent issues of "Homeschooling in the News" from
the National Home Education Network. See RESOURCES for subscription
_____ (essay): Sour grapes, anyone?
Home-schoolers -- big winners in national spelling and geography bees
-- are criticized for "unfair advantages."

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: In-house education: Tailored tutelage
The practice of home schooling is on the rise in the area, and the
growth of support resources is part of the driving force.

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: 'Unschooling' stimulates learning
Students are given the freedom in what, how they learn.

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: Home-school parents reinforce socialization
Children attend group functions to mingle with others.

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: Planting seeds of faith, learning
Parents integrate religion into their children's education.

WHO-TV: More Iowans Schooled at Home
Almost two million children across the country don't leave home to
attend school. In Iowa, the number of home-schooled children has more
than quadrupled in the last ten years.

Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Home-schoolers share resources
Students and their parents meet weekly during the school year for
mini-courses that give parents and children an opportunity to

Central Maine Daily Sentinel (opinion):
Home-schoolers learn lesson: life not always fair 
> Cut and Paste Long URL
I feel sorry for the Stotts and the Pelletier families, who recently
lost a court case against the Maine Principals' Association. That
doesn't mean I think they're right.
Write to this address to subscribe to "Homeschooling in the News"
Or visit the NHEN web site

_________________________________ RICK'S SCIENCE CORNER __________
by rick beymer
director, online science academy


Don't forget the special day of the month -- June 21st! The
position of the earth in its elliptical orbit around the sun has
special meaning on this day.

BONUS! The ENC Digital Dozen list is a reliable resource and an excellent
list/newsletter to subscribe to for everyone interested in science.
Check out these sites from a recent issue.


Check out this summer solstice information:


Every month, ENC Online highlights twelve exemplary math and science
web sites. At > you can connect directly to the
web sites or go to ENC's catalog records with complete descriptions
and links. ENC Online also has a search engine for locating
additional web sites and other teaching materials.

1. Alien empire
Grades: 2 - 12 

2. Brookfield Zoo 
Grades: 7 - 12 

3. Count on 
Grades: Kindergarten - 12 

4. Creative Java puzzles 
Grades: 6 - 12 

5. Earth science picture of the day 
Grades: Kindergarten - Post-secondary 

6. Figure this! 
Grades: 5 - 8 

Grades: Kindergarten - 4 

8. Kids' corner 
Grades: Pre-kindergarten - 5 

9. Math cats 
Grades: 1 - 8 

10. Sport! science @ the Exploratorium 
Grades: 9 - 12 

11. StudyWorks! online 
Grades: Kindergarten - 12 

12. The space place 
Grades: 3 - 8

Rick Beymer is the Director of the Online Science Academy
Rick Beymer's Online Science Academy
The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)
Archive to see Digital Dozens from previous months

______________________________________ NHEN MONTHLY POV __________
national home education network


NHEN publishes hundreds of articles for homeschoolers to read. POV's
are just a part of the vast resources NHEN has for parents with
access to the internet. Why not start here with your exploration of
NHEN Website:
Special webpages for New Homeschoolers:
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_______________________________________________ IN-site __________
by benjamin bennett site editor


It probably doesn't mean anything to anyone else, but I wrote this,
over the past few weeks, entirely on my Palm Pilot, while waiting for
various classes (dance mostly) to end. I know ... geek. Just thought
I'd put it out there in case anyone had high estimations of me.

And unlike the title of this month's installment, I truly do NOT have
the Web Project in the palm of my hand. Quite the contrary.

Project is growing daily. And like a child, as soon as you buy it new
clothes, it's outgrown them. Whenever we add new information to our
site, it seems that a new way of presenting that information is
required. Such are the growing pains web developers, site editors and
designers experience daily.

As our site gets bigger and better looking every day, we invite you
(proud web parents that we are) to come by often for a visit. Even if
you aren't looking for specific advice or information about
homeschooling, maybe you can come by and hang out for a spell. Let us
know how we're looking. Maybe make a suggestion. Everyone on the IHEN
Advisory Board loves hearing from Hoosier Homeschoolers! Really. It's
no trouble.

Here are some new features we've recently added to the Web

Thanks to developer services like > we now
have use of a chat room just for Hoosier Homeschoolers. In the near
future we'll be announcing special "Meet & Greet" dates, when you can
log on and chat live with some of the IHEN Web Project Advisors.

Also from Bravenet, we have an automated FAQ's Database. Got a
question? Ask. Need an answer? Check out the FAQ's!

Keeping up with quality link suggestions is very difficult. But our
"Free Range Links" database is helping us out. If you have a link
suggestion you just have to share, don't wait! Submit your link
suggestion at the URL above. Want to suggest a new category? Write to

You can now show your support for how IHEN is Helping Hoosiers
Homeschool, without having to become a member. If is
something you believe should continue and grow, please consider
donating any amount you can afford, to IHEN. We use PayPal and ProPay
internet services. Both are safe and confidential.

If you have any more ideas, don't keep them to yourself. Write!

____________________________________ POINTS OF INTEREST __________

Did you notice all the news items from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel
up there in the "Homeschooling in the News" segment? Well our own
Jane Casey, Web Project Advisor, founder of IHEN and the
IndianaHomeschoolers list was the major subject of at least one of
those articles! You say you skipped that section? *sigh* I'll avert
my eyes while you scroll back up and check them out. Yeah Jane!!

Jane Casey is scheduled to be a guest on WHBU radio in Anderson. She
will, of course, be talking about homeschooling, IHEN and our
awesome IndianaHomeschoolers list! Here's the info:

Event: IHEN's Jane Casey, a guest on the Leland Franklin Show
Where: WHBU AM 1240 (out of Anderson)
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Time: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

If you are within listening distance (includes parts of Indy) why not
tune in to AM 1240 on June 18th and hear what one of our best known
Hoosier Homeschoolers has to say about homeschooling in the Hoosier
state. Write to IHEN Web Services for a copy of the press release if
you want to learn a little more.

If you want your non-commercial support group promotional ad or
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