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it almost seems like the attitudes of public schools today is, "I don't care if you learn anything, just as long as you attend." Call this page: Poor Attitudes

The following are excerpts from letters we have received from parents interested in receiving help and information on homeschooling in Indiana. Specifics have been removed for privacy. We are publishing these posts in an effort to portray to the general public and the media, a more balanced picture of why parents are transferring their children out of their local public schools to educate them at home.


March 2009
Vanderburgh County

We are looking for someone who can provide home schooling for our kids in the Evansville area. We have one girl who is 11 years old and one boy who is 14 years. They are A students but we are dissatified with the public school atmosphere.

September 2008
Johnson County

My 17 yr. old daughter was told by a teacher that she was not going anywhere in life and did not know why she even came to school and that she just might as well "drop out". Have tried to get a conference but cannot. Teacher told me she would choose "not" to attend. So my daughter had to drop out of the class, take a failing grade and loose credits. (11th grade)

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