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ihen contest, giveaway and raffle rules

Rule number one: have fun

You can download a PDF file of this document here.

The Indiana Home Educators' Network and the managers of the IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion List find themselves, on occasion, in a position to give away products or services that are offered to our subscribers and fellow Hoosier Homeschoolers. We like to do this as fairly and expeditiously as possible. Why? Because it's fun.

To this end, we on occasion run giveaways where we tally entries through various methods, pick one or more winners at random, and deliver those prizes. And we do this for.... FUN! Right again!

While we try to be as fair as possible, please understand these three facts of life: we donÕt do this for a living... life isn't always fair, let alone perfect... and if doing this kind of thing isn't fun, then we just won't do it.

All this said, here are the basics of how we dole out the free stuff that comes our way now and then:

We generally gather entries with e-mail addresses via the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list, and/or through a web form at http://www.ihen.org/contest. We let you know at the beginning of each giveaway. We could decide on using one method, or both, depending on how much energy we have.

The winner or winners are chosen at random, using a random number generating program (if one must know, it's on a Palm Pilot) and the numbers associated with the e-mail addresses gathered (e-mail entries are given numbers in the order they're received) are informed they are winners. If we do not receive an acceptance reply e-mail with a mailing address or contact information within 24 hours, the next randomly chosen entry is given the prize. This continues until all prizes are awarded.

Unless otherwise noted in writing, only one winner allowed per household, though there might be multiple entries allowed. For example, one entry via the IndianaHomeschoolers polling function, and another via the IHEN.org web site.

E-mail addresses will be used to link entries with winners. Invalid e-mail addresses constitute an invalid entry. Not replying to a winner notice in 24 hours, constitutes forfeiture of that prize to the next contestant drawn. E-mail bounces or misdirections or human or mechanical failures of any kind that causes an entrant to miss the 24 hour deadline are tough breaks to be sure, but we fail to see how IHEN can be held responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. Better luck next time.

Winners will be required to submit extra information in order to claim their prize; like mailing address and/or phone number. Can't mail you a freebie if we don't have your address. If you don't want to give out this information should you become a winner, then don't enter the contest.

Prizes awarded but are somehow undeliverable for any reason will be given to second, third, fourth, etc. randomly drawn entries. This is at the discretion of the operators of the giveaway and/or the prize donor(s).

Numbers will be assigned to all entries as received in the order that they are received.

Questions regarding IHEN contests can be e-mailed to webservices@ihen.org.

IHEN reserves the right to change or alter contest/giveaway rules or end a contest/giveaway without notice. Decisions are final. IHEN contests, giveaways, raffles, or whatever we call them, are not games of chance. No purchases are necessary, however some giveaways might be exclusively for subscribers to the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list, which is free by going to http://www.IndianaHomeschoolers.com/ . You must be 18 or have parental permission to receive prizes. Paid employees of IHEN, PeachGrovePress/eMedia, and Bennett and Company are not eligible. That said, volunteers with the IHEN Web Project ARE eligible unless otherwise stated on the contest home page. For rules and currently running contests, go to http://www.ihen.org/contest/

Thank you for Helping Hoosiers Homeschool.

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While we try to be as fair as possible, please understand these three facts of life: we don't do this for a living... life isn't always fair, let alone perfect... and if doing this kind of thing isn't fun, then we just won't do it.






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