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past and present contributors to The Hoosier Homeschooler


Benjamin Bennett

Benjamin B. Bennett is a Full-Time Dad, Husband and a fair to middling parent of four.

Ben is also, from time to time, a freelance writer, web spinner, photographer and accidental farmer. ("I'm an Autodidactic Farmer, actually. At this moment I'm trying to figure out chickens... which for all I can tell, are stupid. The jury is still out on them, but not for long....as the knives are sharpening.")

Ben moderates and consults on several alternative education e-mail discussion lists and web sites. His education consulting company, Bennett and Company works with IndianaHomeschoolers, IndianaCharterSchoolers and AltEdDiscourse -- A Forum on Alternative Education Issues. He is the founder of The Alternative Educators' Network and Project Coordinator for the IHEN Web Project: Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century.

Though he personally homeschools his children, he supports the sovereign right of all parents to responsibly and thoughtfully choose any form of education they see fit for their family. He does not believe that parents need to be forced by the state to educate their children any more than they need to be forced to feed and clothe them.

Ben reads and responds to reasonable and thoughtful e-mail at BenBennett@altednet.org where good Karma is returned in kind. Good humor is always appreciated. Life's too short to gripe.

As always:
Your mileage may vary
Objects may appear closer than they really are.
Check your mirrors, buckle-up. :-)

- "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."
- Oscar Wilde



Jane Casey

Jane Casey is the founder and manager of the IndianaHomeschoolers list on YahooGroups and a volunteer director of the Indiana Home Educators' Network. You can read more of her thoughts on her blog at http://www.indianajane.com.



Deb Harbeson

Debbie Harbeson lives in Southern Indiana and has been homeschooling since 1991. She and her husband, John, have two children, both homeschooled and now in college. She is a lead moderator of the IndianaHomeschoolers e-mail list and has in the past, written a series of articles titled Off The Deb End for the monthly IHEN Journal. Archives of her past essays can be found on this web site.

Deb is also an "Internet Author," having written her first book about her experiences as a homeschooler. "Okay Kids, Time for Bedlam" is a hilarious look about homeschooling and a must-read for any homeschooling parent who has just had enough stress for today. After reading Time for Bedlam, you'll realize that you didn't have it so bad after all.

http://www.timeforbedlam.com is where you'll find the book in PDF format, ready to download. Donations are accepted and proceeds go towards keeping the IHEN Web Project on the web.



Jerri Keller

bio coming soon



Meg Leader

IÕm a homeschooling mom of two kids. WeÕve been at this since 1999 and it never stops running out of control.

IÕm a mid-40ish, college educated professional, that put it all aside to raise our kids. While it may have taken me a couple of years to accept calling myself a ŌhomemakerÕ, IÕve never regretted the decision to stay home.

IÕm a non-religious, liberal homeschooler, so donÕt be surprised if my views donÕt match yours. Personally, I think that what makes us all homeschoolers gives us more in common than any differences of opinions on other subjects.

My blog, Get In Hang On, features 4 main characters: Myself, Hubby, Boy (Our son born in 1990). Girl (Our daughter born in 1994).



Carol Pozos

bio coming soon



Tracey Rollison

bio coming soon



Susan VanNess

bio coming soon


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Home education is not a pedagogy, it's parenting.



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