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We thought we'd provide quick, easy links to remember some of the most important information and resources available here on the IHEN.org web site. Print this out, jot the links down or just memorize them. If there are any pages you think should be quick linked, write to IHEN Web Services via our E-mail Form, conveniently quick linked at www.ihen.org/mail. First time homeschoolers will be most interested in links marked with a .

www.ihen.org/contest - IHEN occasionally runs raffles, contests, giveaways and games. Check here to see what's coming up and what is in progress.

www.ihen.org/directory - IHEN maintains the most comprehensive directory of support groups and homeschooling resources in the state. Find out what's going on close to you and in your county by checking out our IHEN Statewide Support and Resource Directory.

http://www.ihen.org/directoryform/ - While you're visiting IHEN's Support and Resource Directory, you might want to ad some information that would be helpful to other Hoosier Homeschoolers. Just go to our Online Directory Submission Form and let us help homeschoolers find YOU.

www.ihen.org/faqs - IHEN's FAQs Database. Ask questions or get them answered.

www.ihen.org/gettingstarted/ - IHEN's online brochure on how to get started homeschooling. Full of helpful hints, tips, and reading suggestions. You've been thinking about homeschooling. There's no reason not to get started now.

www.ihen.org/help/ - IHEN's Help Files Index. Little words of encouragement to help you find your way through this jungle we call IHEN.org.

www.ihen.org/helpfile/ - IHEN's Help Sheet. (150K PDF File) This is the file that we send to new homeschoolers looking for advice. It's a good overall look at the legalities of homeschooling in Indiana, and a starting point on all of the resources available from the Indiana Home Educators' Network.

www.ihen.org/incode/ - The Indiana Ed. Code, in English, and in the original. Thoughtful thoughts added for readability. :-)

www.ihen.org/links - IHEN's Free Range Links Database

www.ihen.org/mail - IHEN's Mail Directory Form. E-mail anyone with IHEN from here.

www.ihen.org/namingnames - IHEN's Who's Who Directory of elected officials, unelected officials in the education field, organizations and other entities in the realm of education, that might have reason to see that homeschooling isn't as easy for us as it is now.

www.ihen.org/quicklinks/ - This page of quick links.

www.ihen.org/report/ - It is important to read this article before reporting your homeschool's enrollment or before allowing someone to report your homeschool enrollment for you. (Yes... some school employees have been doing that for some parents... and it's not legal.)

www.ihen.org/specialkids/ - If you are interested in a special e-list for discussing your Special Kids, this link will take you to our IHEN SpecialKids e-list where discussions are focused on how to homeschool children with special needs.

www.ihen.org/specialneeds/ - You CAN homeschool children with special needs! Hoosier Homeschoolers are doing it every day, with more parents leaving the State Schools every day. In spite of the controversy created when Government Schools claim they are the only institutions that can educate all children with all kinds of special needs... parents are coming to the conclusion that they're wrong. IHEN tries to provide alternative Special Needs Resources so the parents of a special needs child can decide what is best for his or her child.

www.ihen.org/topics/ - Quick link to a list of our IHEN Topics white papers. Great reading on a variety of subjects. More great info for parents just starting out.

www.ihen.org/transferletter - See a sample of a Letter of Transfer that a parent might use in the process of transferring a child out of public school, to homeschool.

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You may also read our FAQ's Database for more information. You can also ask questions, that will be answered promptly.

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