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Help for New Homeschoolers

If you are heading to the help page first thing, we bet you are just really not sure what you want to do and how to start. So let's just start out with a few links... somewhat in order... to get you started.

First, check out our online "YOU Can Homeschool in Indiana" brochure. Lots of great suggestions, books to read, and sage advice.

Next, you'll want to go to the New Homeschoolers section of the IHEN.org web site. Good advice and links to the Indiana Education Code. Homeschooling in Indiana is about the easiest in the country. There is Legal information, some thoughts on filling out "Zee Paperz" and a page on how you might use IHEN.org and other parts of the network.

Join the IndianaHomeschoolers Statewide e-list. Lots of fellow homeschoolers from all over the state. More information goes through the IndianaHomeschoolers list in a month, than you'll get in an entire year of conferences. Plus it's free.

See if we have an IHEN County Contact person in your county, or near you. They are there to answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Search Page.

You may also read our FAQ's Database for more information. You can also ask questions, that will be answered promptly.

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