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Indiana Home Educators' Network E-mail Boxes

IHEN.org: "IN" Box to contact all advisors and board members.

IHEN E-mail Contact Page: We have also created en e-mail contact form for sending mail through the web site. For a more comprehensive list of contacts, Click Here. IHEN Mail Directory Page
IHEN Journal Newsletter Staff: From the publisher and editor to the writers. Contact them here.


INterview Column: E-mail address for the INterview section of the IHEN Journal. People can write to the reporters or the featured interviewees at this address.


Web Services Staff: All web services and projects personnel can be reached here. webservices@ihen.org

Advertising Staff: You should receive an auto response post followed by an advertising staff reply. IHEN is supported by those who want to reach homeschoolers throughout Indiana with their message. Let us know if there's a way we can help you, Help Hoosiers Homeschool.

IHEN Statewide Advertising Rate Card: This is an auto response address, that should send out the latest rate card information for most all of IHEN's available ad spaces. For specific quotes, write to the advertising staff above. Thank you in advance for Helping Hoosiers Homeschool. RateCard@ihen.org
Individual IHEN Staff and Volunteer Addresses: Please refer to the IHEN Mail Directory Page, to send e-mail from the web site to individuals. IHEN Mail Directory

IHEN County Contacts: By writing to the "CountyContacts" address, you will not only be sending mail to an IHEN County Contact, but you will also receive an e-mail listing various e-lists, resources and services IHEN provides.

If you are just interested in writing to your IHEN County Contact directly, send your mail to the second address, making sure to write your county in the subject line, so we'll know who you're writing to.

Sends mail, and also delivers an auto response post with current resources and support links.

Direct e-mail contact.

IHEN FAQs Line: Do you have a question that should be included in IHEN's FAQs Database on the web site? Send it along to this address, and we'll try to help get an answer as soon as possible.


IHEN Web Sites Editor: Anything that has to do with the IndianaHomeschoolers or IHEN web sites, let the site editor know. Things can only be fixed if someone points out what needs to be fixed.



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