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Debbie Harbeson lives in Southern Indiana and has been homeschooling since 1991. She and her husband, John, have two children, both homeschooled and now in college. She is a lead moderator of the IndianaHomeschoolers e-mail list and has in the past, written a series of articles titled Off The Deb End for the monthly IHEN Journal. Archives of her past essays can be found on this web site.

Deb is also an "Internet Author," having written her first book about her experiences as a homeschooler. "Okay Kids, Time for Bedlam" is a hilarious look about homeschooling and a must-read for any homeschooling parent who has just had enough stress for today. After reading ...Time for Bedlam, you'll realize that you didn't have it so bad after all.

http://www.timeforbedlam.com is where you'll find the book in PDF format, ready to download. Donations are accepted and proceeds go towards keeping the IHEN Web Project on the web.

Deb sits on the Board of Advisors for IHEN.


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