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> #2.12 December 2002

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______________________________________________ CONTENTS__________
: Okay, I'll admit it. Fall's over.


__ you read, you write, we read, we share

__ a monthly sampler from IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" list
__ plus why "IndianaHomeschoolers" is THE list for YOU

> [4] HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE by jessica radtke
__ newsletters, e-zines and blogs. oh my!

__ helping hoosiers homeschool -- that's the key

> [6] OFF THE DEB END by debbie harbeson
__ let it snow!

__ rick beymer's science corner: dressing down your DNA
__ articles: nhen is 3! and "affiliated independence"
__ don't blink! news in a nutshell
>> FLASH: ivan illich passes away

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________________________________ LETTER FROM THE EDITOR __________
by debbie harbeson

It's cold outside but we think the excitement of reading the December
issue of the "IHEN Journal" will warm your hearts and minds to the
wonderful world of homeschooling and maybe even tickle you a bit this

The IndianaHomeschoolers list had several homeschooling newbies who
posted very interesting introductions loaded with valuable insights
about the problems of institutional schools. The discussion on
charter schools continued this month with a poll for list members and
there was discussion on whether most homeschoolers are "rich" or not.

Rick Beymer continues to teach us about interesting science topics
and this month we travel inside a cell. Jessica Radtke keeps us up to
date on other e-mail lists for homeschooling information. NHEN
(National Home Education Network) celebrates its third anniversary
and "Off The Deb End" tries to show you what one family learned from


______________________________ LETTERS FROM THE READERS __________
by indiana homeschoolers

If you have something you would like to say about how we're doing,
then put fingers to keyboard and write to the address above. We can't
know what you're thinking... unless we get to read what you're
thinking. -ed.

_______________________________ INDIANA'S E-LIST DIGEST __________
by debbie harbeson

If you want to go to a specific post, go to our website
> and click on
messages in the left margin. Once there, type in the message number
in the "Msg #" search box. If you see an active link below, you
can use that too! :-) You must be a list subscriber to access the
archives and files. Subscription information is below.

Now for this month's sampler of posts to the list:

Theatre arts for homeschoolers near Indianapolis
New group starting in Southern Indiana
Dual credit IUPUI Program for High Schoolers

Upcoming Scholastic Warehouse Sale December 13-20

Resource for books online
Links for studying the science and math of voting methods
Educational resources site
Place to put suggestions for the list
Link to a speech about unschooling
Link to article about why Christians don't belong in government


* Continuing thread on charter schools
* Thread on military tracking
* Thread on e-books and resources
* Thread on bible timeline resources
* Thread on "social exclusion" and "rich" homeschoolers

_____ ABOUT THE IndianaHomeschoolers LIST __________

We believe that the "IndianaHomeschoolers" Networking and Discussion
list is probably one of the better (definately the largest, by
subscriber numbers) statewide e-mail discussion lists going!

And what makes it the best, first source for statewide
homeschooling information and discussion? Our subscribers.

Parents who homeschool are proving every day that Hoosiers are
some of the nicest, most helpful people around. If you aren't
subscribed to IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" e-list, then why not?
It can't hurt, and you might even get the heads up on a really
great "Summer-time Indiana Fishing Hole" from one of our famous
"Off Topic" discussions!! ;-) Tell a friend!
__ To subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers list, send an email to: 

_________________________ HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE __________
by jessica radtke


This month's "Hoosier Homeschoolers On-Line" features several lists
that are newsletters and e-zines. These types of lists are generally
non-discussion, you only sign up to receive a periodic posting,
similar to the "IHEN Journal." -jr

"Reviews of FREE homeschooling resources on the Internet. No chatter,
no comments, no arguments. Just brief site reviews and tips!"

"Click Schooling makes learning available with just the click of a
mouse. We search the net to bring you the best educational websites
for every subject: Monday-Math; Tuesday-Science; Wednesday-Reading,
Writing & Spelling; Thursday-History, Geography, & Social Studies;
Friday Virtual Field Trips; and Weekends are for Electives -- Art,
Music, Foreign Languages and more!"

"AmblesideOnline is a support group for families using the Ambleside
Online Curriculum. The Ambleside Online curriculum was designed to be
as close as possible to the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in
her own PNEU schools, considering our present limitations which
include the limited availability of high quality, accurate books. "

"The LATTER-DAY SAINT HOME EDUCATORS ASSN sends you periodic notes of
cheer and encouragement, thought-provoking ideas, and timely

"Acorns is an online newsletter for pagan homeschoolers. It is
published 8 times per year, and is in its fifth year of publication."

"A weekly newsletter for homeschoolers and other parents who care
about their children's education."

"A newsletter for those interested in the educational philosophies of
Charlotte Mason and classical education. Articles will focus on the
philosophy of education as well sharing ideas about putting those
ideas into practice. Book reviews of excellent and worthy books will
put you in touch with resources to enhance your home school. Focusing
on ideas, _Magnanimity_ seeks to provide you with thoughtful
information that will nourish your mind as you seek to nourish your
children's mind."

"Get Free ideas on how to learn every subject imaginable while in the
car and on the road! From books-on-tape to car games we share ideas,
resources, and activities for learning subjects like math, history,
science, spelling and more while traveling in the car. This list is
sponsored by and is moderated to maintain
integrity. *Note: Car Schooling (Carschooling) is a Registered
Trademark of Diane Flynn Keith and may not be used in any format or
forum without written permission."

"Free monthly e-mail newsletter, dedicated to the support of all
educators interested in finding the most innovative resources for
capturing the fun of learning. Featuring free lesson plans and unit
studies available online, and free curriculum resources found

"This newsletter aims to help you provide your children with a high
quality homeschooling education at the lowest possible cost."

"A free biweekly newsletter filled with ideas, projects, and tips for
parents of preschool and elementary children. Developed by Talita
Paolini, preschool teacher, homeschool mother of two children, and
coauthor of several education books. The activities were designed to
meet the needs of busy parents and educators, especially those on a
tight budget. The easy-to-understand directions and illustrations
present powerful educational concepts in simple, fun projects that
children love."

"Free e-mail newsletter that allows you to read and post about your
favorite unit study resources! Find a URL that you just adore? Post
it for others to enjoy! Can't find that hard to find resource? Look
here! Or ask! Maybe someone here knows!"

Next month, more of course. If you have or know of an on-line
resource that you would like to see listed in the "Hoosier
Homeschoolers On-line" portion of the IHEN Journal, send the
information to Jessica Radtke at: >

_______________________________________ COUNTY CONTACTS __________

IHEN established the IHEN County Contacts as a means to simply, Help
Hoosiers Homeschool. The all volunteer IHEN County Contacts are
already helping new homeschoolers answer questions about
homeschooling in Indiana. It's wonderful to hear from parents who
have so many good things to say about how quickly IHEN County
Contacts have responded with helpful information. If anything, that
single aspect of helping other homeschoolers makes being a County
Contact well worth it.

If you know someone who is interested in homeschooling in Indiana,
and they don't know where to turn or have a question about
homeschooling in Indiana, why not give them our County Contact
address? Or better yet, pass on the newest homeschooling URL in
Indiana >


Easy: Join our IHEN Organizational Committee list, then ask how to
become a county contact. We'll fill you in on the requirements.


You can find out who is where by going to our County Contact page on
the web. If you don't see a Contact in your county.... Well, you know
what to do.
__ IHEN County Contacts web page:
__ IHEN County Contacts E-mail Address:
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_______________________________________ OFF THE DEB END __________
by debbie harbeson


Every year, our family waited hopefully for at least one good
snowstorm, deep enough to deserve putting on the snow boots. We did
get to enjoy several big snows and this month I want to share the
flurry of learning activity that snow created around our home.

We learned that it is much better snuggling up in bed with our
jammies on, reading about how hot it is at the equator, rather than
bundling up to catch a school bus in the dark while mom worries about
possible slick spots on the route.

We learned about natural drainage when we realized that at the bottom
of nearly every good sledding hill, there is a creek or stream. We
learned to jump off the sled at the right time unless we wanted to
become human icicles.

We learned two lessons when we made snow ice cream. One was the
importance of knowing colors in order to avoid collecting yellow
snow, and the second was that sugar added to most anything makes it
taste good.

We learned to build some wonderful snow forts and houses. Bread loaf
pans make great snow brick molds. On one particularly big snow year,
my kids built an elaborate house that contained separate rooms.
Adults were welcome in the front parlor, but the back room was for
secret kid meetings only.

We learned that providing a service at the right time is a good way
to make money. My kids made some of their first independent money
clearing snow off kind neighbors' cars and driveways.

We learned it is possible to make very detailed sculptures with the
right snow consistency. One year we made a snow dinosaur, a T-Rex,
complete with detailed leg musculature and teeth. We still get
comments from the neighbors about that scarf-wearing monster.

We learned that in the skiing culture, I am, and will remain, merely
a bunny, left alone to frolic on a tiny hump of a hill. One so small,
there is not even a creek at the bottom. While the rest of my family
enjoyed long slopes, I wrestled with the moving rope and usually got
my skis and bunny ears tangled in a knot.

We learned not to feel bad as we sent Dad out to his job on a snowy
day, because we discovered that even when he didn't have to work, he
would still go out, just to prove that he could drive in any amount
of snow. My son waits for the day when my husband finally shares his
favorite snow recipe: making parking lot doughnuts. He doesn't know
that this will never happen as long as mom has any control of the

From slipping to sliding to just being together as a family, we
learned that playing in the snow is cool.

____________________________________ POINTS OF INTEREST __________

_____ SCIENCE CORNER __________
by rick beymer


The bacteria in your compost pile will continue to carry out their
job of breaking bonds to release energy and nutrients for use by the
bacteria to reproduce. This reproduction increases the population of
bacteria and more bacteria means more decomposition, but where do the
instructions for this reproduction and metabolism come from? Let's
take a look inside a cell and check out the chromosomes and DNA
Check out these web sites: (cut and paste broken links)
Human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes located in the nucleus of
our cells. We humans share similar DNA sequences with other life
forms on earth, such as the bacteria in your compost pile. The
sequence used by single-celled bacteria to break down glucose is the
same in other critters on the planet including humans.

The Human Genome Project is one federally funded program that
actually finished ahead of schedule and under budget (that does not
happen very often in the federal government). The Human Genome
Project or HGP continues to make strides in the search for how the
DNA sequences or genes in our nuclei function to enable us to carry
out functions required for our survival on planet earth. Check out
> for great information on the Human
Genome Project. There are several journeys this web site will take
you on, so take your time and do some inquiry into the world of the
HUMAN Genome. Enjoy your search and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Our web site may not be available because I am transferring my
hosting to another web host. I will be spending time over the
holidays to get the new site up and running.

Rick Beymer is the Director of the Online Science Academy
> and can be reached at



In November of 1999, the National Home Education Network (NHEN)
officially opened the doors for homeschoolers to join as members.
NHEN has been growing, evolving, and working hard in the
homeschooling community ever since. What better way to celebrate an
anniversary than to hear from members? Please read JJ Ross' article,
"Affiliated Independence," and consider joining NHEN yourself! It's
free. Or you could become a Sustaining NHEN Member for $25 each year
and help keep this network of homeschoolers alive and thriving.

by jj ross, EdD

If every generation wants something better for its children, then I
think the affiliated independence of NHEN -- and of home education
itself -- would qualify. I think it represents real progress beyond
the stifling organizational pressures that squeezed the joy out of so
many group endeavors, including school, in the world of my youth.

Read the entire article at the NHEN website:
__ NHEN Website:
__ Special webpages for New Homeschoolers:
__ Subscribe to N-H-E-N (New Homeschoolers' Encouragement Newsletter)

>> ------------ AN AMAZON.COM ASSOCIATE ------------ <<

Buying from helps IHEN help Hoosier Homeschoolers.
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_____ DON'T BLINK! NEWS IN A NUTSHELL __________


Ivan Illich died this week, at the age of 74.

Illich was involved in early education reform, author of "The
Deschooling Society" that influenced the thinking of John Holt, John
Taylor Gatto and many others, and had some thought provoking ideas
about health care and other social issues.

Ivan Illich on Schools:

"Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what
the schools do for them. They school them to confuse process and
substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the
more treatment there is, the better are the results; or, escalation
leads to success. The pupil is thereby "schooled" to confuse teaching
with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with
competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new. His
imagination is "schooled" to accept service in place of value.
Medical treatment is mistaken for health care, social work for the
improvement of community life, police protection for safety, military
poise for national security, the rat race for productive work. Health,
learning, dignity, independence, and creative endeavour are defined as
little more than the performance of the institutions which claim to
serve these ends, and their improvement is made to depend on
allocating more resources to the management of hospitals, schools,
and other agencies in question."

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society (1973: 9)

Read more about Illich at these websites:

"To deschool means to abolish the power of one person 
to oblige another person to attend a meeting." - Ivan Illich


Polls are quite common on the YahooGroups list, and we've used our
share. But Ben Bennett, IndianaHomeschoolers list Co-Moderator
decided to see what Hoosier Homeschoolers thought of Charter Schools,
Vouchers and the idea of Public Schools encroaching into the home
education realm.

While this poll was by no means scientific or even statisticaly
relavent, it was still nice to see such a high percentage of list
subscribers chime in with their opinions.

If you want to read the poll results, and you're currently a
subscriber to the IndianaHomeschoolers list, click on the link below:

If you want to catch up on the discussions resulting from the results
of this poll, make sure you're a subscriber of the
IndianaHomeschoolers list and start reading the message archive
threads starting with the message link below:
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"WORKSHEETS" are on the IHEN-Org list:
If you're interested in helping out as an IHEN volunteer, the place
to network is the IHEN-Org list. Join the list and read the
"WorkSheets" that are posted regularly. You might find a project
that's right up your alley.


We're looking for a new "IHEN Journal" Newsletter Editor.
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|END - See you next month and daily on the IndianaHomeschoolers list!|

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