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> #2.10 October 2002

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__ you read, you write, we read, we share

__ helping homeschoolers... one parent at a time

__ a monthly sampler from IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" list
__ plus why "IndianaHomeschoolers" is THE list for YOU

> [5] HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE by jessica radtke
__ buying and selling used curricla

__ helping hoosiers homeschool -- that's the key

> [7] OFF THE DEB END by debbie harbeson
__ you can't scare me!

>> NEW POI FEATURE!! science corner: composting
__ article: homeschoolers helping homeschoolers
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________________________________ LETTER FROM THE EDITOR __________
by debbie harbeson

Last month, I told you about a discussion on the IndianaHomeschoolers
E-mail list where members were trying to help out a mother interested
in homeschooling. I reported that I didn't know what decision she
made. This month the list received an update and a heartfelt thank
you from her and we've included it here in our Letters section. It's
nice to know that our list is full of caring homeschoolers interested
in helping someone out in any way possible.

We have something new this month. It's a new feature called Science
Corner, written by fellow Hoosier and retired teacher Rick Beymer,
who also runs an online science academy.

We have another article from NHEN especially for new homeschoolers,
the usual list sampler and more resources from Jessica Radtke. The
Off The Deb End column treats you to something scary. Thanks to
everyone who makes this newsletter a helpful resource for Indiana

______________________________ LETTERS FROM THE READERS __________
by indiana homeschoolers

This month we would like to include a thank you letter sent to all
the helpful members on the IndianaHomeschoolers E-mail list by
Chrystal Silverthorn, the mother who needed help on making a decision
about homeschooling. -ed.

From: leipsicgirl
Subject: Thanks, IndianaHomeschoolers List

Hello all,

I'm sorry I haven't been on and posted in quite some time, but I did
put my children back into school and went back to school myself. (I'm
still not happy about the situation though!) I would still love to
home-school my girls, but that is not possible at this time. I want
to thank every one for being there when I needed someone to talk to.


But anyway, I want to thank everyone who answered my posts and
responded to them. You are all such wonderful people. I will be
unsubscribing from the list at least till I get out of this semester
of school. (Too much to keep up with!) :-)

May God bless each and every one of you. Take care.

With Love,

Chrystal Silverthorn

_____________________________ LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT __________
by jane casey

I met a mom this week who was pulling her son out of school. She was
fed up with six weeks of meeting the bus in the morning, fundraisers,
ISTEPs, and homework until bedtime. She and her son are going to spend
this week visiting the zoo, the park, and a local museum and "sleeping
a little bit late and watching cartoons." She says that she'll worry
about curriculum choices later after "this all sinks in."

What a gift we have as homeschoolers! A gift to take time with our
children to do those things that really add to the richness of life.
A gift to move through life at their pace. A gift to really learn,
not just pass the test. We also have a gift in each other.

Homeschoolers are the most sharing, supportive group of people that I
have ever seen. The generosity of spirit is in evidence frequently on
the IndianaHomeschoolers e-mail list and among those who donate their
time to help other homeschoolers.

If you can spare some time to help, or an idea to share, why don't
you come join in the conversation on the IHEN-Org list? We have lots
of different ideas we're kicking around to reach out to homeschoolers
in Indiana and we could use your help!

Enjoy your fall!

/s/ Jane Casey, President, IHEN

_______________________________ INDIANA'S E-LIST DIGEST __________
by debbie harbeson

If you want to go to a specific post, go to our website
> and click on
messages in the left margin. Once there, type in the message number
in the "Msg #" search box. If you see an active link below, you
can use that too! :-) You must be a list subscriber to access the
archives and files. Subscription information is below.

Now for this month's sampler of posts to the list:

Muncie Area homeschool newsletter
Information for Simpler Times Family Resource Center in Fortville In.
Delaware County Updates
Allen County Opportunities
Allen County Library Programs

Educational resources from the Dept. of Natural Resources
Various Indiana State Extension Homemaker's craft programs
Indiana State Museum Homeschool Workshops

Website full of various forms for homeschoolers
Site for basic lessons about computers
Standard Deviants Homeschooling Resource
Information on Young Inventors Contest
Site for 1000 Good Books List
Lots and lots of websites for elementary age homeschooling
Economics Units Online
Fish and Wildlife Info
Mississinewa 1812 Program Information
Perryville KY Civil War Re-enactment information
Ancient History Resource
Grissom Air Force Museum website


* Thread answering a parent who had doubts about her homeschooling
* Thread discussing various ways homeschoolers learn to read.
* Thread discussing people who call CPS about homeschoolers.
* Thread about forming homeschool sports teams.
* Thread on costs of homeschool conventions.

_____ ABOUT THE IndianaHomeschoolers LIST __________

We believe that the "IndianaHomeschoolers" Networking and Discussion
list is probably one of the better (definately the largest, by
subscriber numbers) statewide e-mail discussion lists going!

And what makes it the best, first source for statewide
homeschooling information and discussion? Our subscribers.

Parents who homeschool are proving every day that Hoosiers are
some of the nicest, most helpful people around. If you aren't
subscribed to IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" e-list, then why not?
It can't hurt, and you might even get the heads up on a really
great "Summer-time Indiana Fishing Hole" from one of our famous
"Off Topic" discussions!! ;-) Tell a friend!
__ To subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers list, send an email to: 

_________________________ HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE __________
by jessica radtke


This month's "Hoosier Homeschoolers On-Line" features the various
e-mail lists that I have run across that pertain to buying and
selling used curricula. I hope you find something of use to you and
your family! -jr


Vegsource has some of the most frequented boards for used curricula.

There are also several lists devoted solely to buying and selling
used curricula, including, but certainly not limited to the following:

"Ads for new & used books, curriculum, supplies, tapes, CD's,and
anything you think would interest to a homeschool family are

This list is dedicated to the resale of quality used homeschool
curriculum and supplies.

"HOMESCHL-USED-BOOKS is a message board for parents and educators to
list their used HOMESCHOOL related materials. This site is to be
appropriate for all ages and is only a message board."

"This mailing list is for homeschooling families to post their used
homeschooling books and curriculum."

"Started by HomeSat/BJU HELP & LINC users, this list is for anyone
who wants to buy, sell, or trade materials that are used with the BJU
HomeSat program. It is requested that posts be limited to HomeSat
materials ONLY."

"Need a place to post your used homeschool material? Looking for a
bargain on buying your 'new' materials? Then you are in luck! This
loop is the place for you to list all your For Sale and Wanted to Buy
or Trade items. Your items do not have to be 'school' related, as long
as they are family related. We encourage homeschooling, stay at home
moms and home businesses, so if you have a product that you produce
at home, you are more than welcome to post links to your website in
your ads."

"This is a list for all homeschooling parents to buy, sell, and swap
curriculum. You may also post other things of intrest, like clothes,
toys, ect.."

"For those of us who homeschool but do it on a tight budget, you can
let everyone know what you need to buy or what you have to sell."

"If you need to sell Alpha Omega curriculum or you're looking to buy
some, please join. But this list just isn't for buying/selling, it's
also for asking questions or opinions."

"This is a posting list for the sale of discounted new or used
secular homeschooling materials, and other books of interest to
children and their parents. Subject line should contain FS or WTB,
though this rule will not be strictly enforced. Materials need not be
curriculum but must relate to education, homeschooling, children, or
parenting, and must not espouse a single religious perspective. This
last requirement will be strictly enforced and is not intended to
offend any member of a religious group. The prohibition against
religious materials extends to all parts of curriculum from religious

"This group if for the sale and purchase of used a beka books and
materials. Please feel free to post if you have any abeka items for
sale or if you are looking for a beka items. All sales are between
the buyer and seller."

Next month, more of course. If you have or know of an on-line
resource that you would like to see listed in the "Hoosier
Homeschoolers On-line" portion of the IHEN Journal, send the
information to Jessica Radtke at: >

_______________________________________ COUNTY CONTACTS __________
by b. b. bennett & marla james

IHEN established the IHEN County Contacts as a means to simply, Help
Hoosiers Homeschool. The all volunteer IHEN County Contacts are
already helping new homeschoolers answer questions about
homeschooling in Indiana. It's wonderful to hear from parents who
have so many good things to say about how quickly IHEN County
Contacts have responded with helpful information. If anything, that
single aspect of helping other homeschoolers makes being a County
Contact well worth it.

If you know someone who is interested in homeschooling in Indiana,
and they don't know where to turn, why not give them our County
Contact address? Or better yet, pass on the newest homeschooling URL
in Indiana >


Easy: Join our IHEN Organizational Committee group, then ask how to
become a county contact. Ask for Marla James, our Coordinator for the
IHEN-CC's, and she'll fill you in on the requirements.


You can find out who is where by going to our County Contact page on
the web. If you don't see a Contact in your county.... Well, you know
what to do.
__ IHEN County Contacts web page:
__ IHEN County Contacts E-mail Address:
__ Marla James, IHEN-CC List Moderator and County Contact Coordinator
__ Subscribe to the IHEN Organizational Committee List
__ IHEN official web site address:

_______________________________________ OFF THE DEB END __________
by debbie harbeson


October is the time of year I think of all things scary. I can get
frightened of creepy costumes, haunted houses and homeschooling. Yes,
homeschooling. I went through times of doubt and fear as to whether or
not I made the right decision. So this month I thought I'd treat you
to a few scary stories:

At first I was scared that I didn't have the (pick one): talent,
intelligence, ability, patience or creativity to homeschool. Then I
realized that all I really needed was the desire. I didn't need to be
perfect; I just had to be a caring, loving mom. There is an amazing
amount of good information and experienced people all waiting to
help. I could learn with my kids and get help when and if I needed it.

At times I was scared because of the socialization issue. I believed
the myth that my kids needed to be with kids their own age all day in
order to develop socially. But then I learned that this was just a
phony mask that traditionalists use to try and scare families who
consider homeschooling. I soon found plenty of ways for my kids to
interact outside of the neighborhood school building.

At times I was scared because of the responsibility. But soon I
learned to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. We had the whole
world of educational ideas and philosophies from which to choose. We
were free to make our own decisions on what, when and how to learn.
If we found that something was not working, we could easily change
it. I discovered that this flexibility is one of the biggest
advantages of homeschooling.

At first, I was scared to get out during the day. Then I realized
that this was silly because homeschooling is perfectly legal and we
don't need to hide the fact that kids are capable of learning outside
the local school building.

At times I was scared to allow my kids the freedom to learn what they
wanted and how they wanted. But then I saw how much better they did
once I got out of the way.

At times I was scared that I might miss something important. I soon
learned that if it's truly so important, we weren't going to miss it.
I also realized that there is so much knowledge out there that I can
never give them access to all of it. All I really needed to focus on
was making sure my kids kept that natural curiosity and desire to

At times I was scared that my kids would miss the fun things of
school. Then I realized that as homeschoolers we were able to
experience so much more than they ever could while stuck in a school
building all day.

At times I was scared that my kids wouldn't "keep up" with their
institutionally schooled counterparts. But then I learned that I
don't have to constantly compare my kids to others. My kids are
unique individuals who have their own set of strengths and
weaknesses. We could go at our own pace and enjoy the trip without
the constant worry of comparisons.

At times I was scared that I wouldn't have my own life. But then I
learned that I could have hobbies and there were ways to have time on
my own if I wanted it. I also realized that following my own interests
wasn't only good for me, but it became a good model for showing my
kids that learning and growing is a lifelong experience.

These scary stories were simply my fear of the unknown or my
imagination gone wild. I realized there was really nothing to be
afraid of once I was able to take off the scary masks that my
thoughts created. Oh, I still get scared of haunted houses and creepy
costumes, but homeschooling doesn't scare me anymore.

____________________________________ POINTS OF INTEREST __________

_____ SCIENCE CORNER __________
by rick beymer

Fall is upon us and the leaves will continue to fall at an even
faster rate due to the decrease in the amount of sunlight. The plants
and trees respond by dropping leaves. The trees and other plants have
been dropping leaves earlier this year due to the shortage of rain in
some parts of the state and country. The dropping of leaves was the
tree's response to a decrease in the amount of water lost through the
leaf stomata.

These stomates control the movement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and
water vapor in and out of the leaf where photosynthesis takes place.

All this sounds great, but what to do with all of those leaves on the
ground? The answer is composting. There are several websites with
great information for composting, such as:

Also, you can find out who and where your county's extension agent is
by checking out the Purdue School of Agriculture website.
Your extension agent may have more information on composting.

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage sent to the
landfills by 30% as stated at the Ohio State University website. Each
of us can do composting and it is also a great way to make organic
soil to replace nutrients in your garden. Composting is a very simple
way to conserve and recycle nutrients back to the planet for reuse.

Happy Composting!

Rick Beymer is the Director of the Online Science Academy and can be
reached at >


by pam sorooshian and sue patterson, NHEN

9/17/02 -- This year, record numbers of families are choosing home
education. They are often confused, scared and apprehensive. Support
from experienced homeschoolers can sometimes provide just what they
need to help them gain confidence in themselves. Homeschooling moms
are happy to help all the new families choosing home education. Read
what they have to say - it may be *just* what you needed to hear

Read the entire article at the NHEN website.
Special webpages for New Homeschoolers:
Subscribe to N-H-E-N (New Homeschoolers' Encouragement Newsletter)

>> ------------ AN AMAZON.COM ASSOCIATE ------------ <<

Buying from helps IHEN help Hoosier Homeschoolers.
[click the link below to visit the Books Home Page]
(cut and paste long or broken URL's)

>> ------------------- -------------------- <<

by ben bennett



If you're interested in helping out as an IHEN volunteer, the place
to network is the IHEN-Org list. Join the list and read the
"WorkSheets" that are posted regularly. You might find a project
that's right up your alley.

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Know someone who might want to advertise in the newsletter and on the
web site? We're considering offering limited advertising space. Write
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|END - See you next month and daily on the IndianaHomeschoolers list!|

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