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> #2.06 June 2002

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______________________________________________ CONTENTS__________
> welcome to the IHEN Journal!

__jumping into summer, with both spoons

__you read, you write, we read, we share
__show you care and tell a friend about IHEN Journal

__a monthly sampler from IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" list

__a list of e-lists from around the state!
__jessica is taking a break, but called "saved" and will return

> [5] IHEN COUNTY CONTACTS: Who you gonna mail?
__getting there, one at a time... looking... looking...

__what color are YOUR glasses? by debbie harbeson

__learning centers - part 3 of 3


__who's who; staff and volunteers
__e-mail addresses
__e-mail list addresses
__subscription instructions

__forwarding guidelines

________________________________ LETTER FROM THE EDITOR __________
> by wendy schlie, managing editor

Greetings and welcome to another issue of the IHEN Journal!

It's a beautiful day today. Summer is almost upon us and my baby will
soon be a year old! It's amazing how fast time flies. As I'm writing
this letter, he's trying to feed himself with a spoon - and doing
pretty well for ten-and-a-half months. With two spoons and both hands
no less.

I am looking forward to warm sunny days and when school's out. Thomas
loves being outside, but all of his neighborhood friends are in public
school and are not finished for a few weeks yet. I'm sure Thomas will
be outside for most of the day everyday once they are out. As it is
now, he watches the clock very closely until they do get home.

What are your plans for schooling over the summer? Who out there will
keep the same schedule and who will take the summer off? I think we're
going to go into review mode so we keep the skills learned over the
past year and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I'd like to
hear from the readers about some great places to visit in Indiana
that make great day-trips. Besides the obvious ones in Chicago, that
is. Please write to me at >
I'll compile a list and share it with everyone next month.

I'm off to find a hose to wash the baby with - I think he ended up
wearing as much as he ate. But he's happy and he did manage to learn
how to spoon out food. And those are the two most important parts.

Have a Great Day and I'll see you next month!

/s/ Wendy

______________________________ LETTERS FROM THE READERS __________

We know you're out there and reading. Why not drop us a line and let
us know what you think or what you think *we* should think.

While you're at it: tell a friend to subscribe to IHEN Journal. It's
the LEAST you can do to spread the word that homeschooling in 
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thank you. Maybe... in a letter to the editor. ;-)

_____ Editor's Mail Box __________

E-mail your letters to: >

_______________________________ INDIANA'S E-LIST DIGEST __________
> by debbie harbeson, editor

The IndianaHomeschoolers list had lots of interesting discussions
this month about math and reading. Many various news items were
posted as well, leading to some controversy, but that what makes the
list lively, interesting and informative.

If you want to go to a specific post, go to our website
> and click on
messages in the left margin. Once there, type in the message number
on the search box where it says Msg #.

(Numbers refer to message number in the archives at YahooGroups. You
must be a list subscriber to access the archives and files.
Subscription information is below.)

Now for this month's sampler of posts to the list:

6444 East Central Indiana Group Forming

6470 Oddball Indiana Book information
6481 Junior Explorers Group forming in Greenfield

6487 free online trial 
6522 Homeschooling conference in Columbus, OH June 27-29
6524 Algebra Videos and Free Workbook offer
6528 Grace Academy information
6563 Resources for various freebies
6603 Standard Deviants resource >

* Thread on Core Knowledge Resource
* Thread on Switched on Schoolhouse Resource
* Thread about Saxon Math and general posts about math experiences
* Thread on book resources for high-level, yet young readers

To subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers list, send an email to: 

_____ ABOUT THE IndianaHomeschoolers LIST __________

We believe that the "IndianaHomeschoolers" Networking and
Discussion list is probably one of the better (if not the only)
statewide e-mail discussion lists going!

And what makes it the best, first source for statewide
homeschooling information and discussion? Our subscribers.

Parents who homeschool are proving every day that Hoosiers are
some of the nicest, most helpful people around. If you aren't
subscribed to IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" e-list, then why not?
It can't hurt, and you might even get the heads up on a really
great "Spring Craft Project Idea" from one of our famous
"Off Topic" discussions!! ;-) 

To subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion
List, send e-mail to:

_________________________ HOOSIER HOMESCHOOLERS ON-LINE __________
> by jessica radtke

Jessica's taking a little break this month. She wrote to say, "I Call
'Saved' on the Hoosier Homeschoolers On-Line column!!"

Not wanting to break a tradition of kid-law that no doubt goes back
to the stone age, when big brothers didn't want baby brothers to
steal their rock seats by the cave fire... I'm "saving" this space!

Fear not. Jessica will be back with another great column on the
on-line happenings around Indiana. Until then, we're returning to
last month's list of e-mail lists from around the state. In case you
accidently trashed last month's newsletter. Digital recycling! :-)

- B. B. Bennett, Publisher, IHEN Journal





Hamilton County Homeschoolers (HCHS)

Families Learning Together (FLT)



Life Education And Resource Network, (LEARN)

South Central

Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky

South-Western Indiana Home Educators (SWIHE)

Louisville/Southern Indiana Homeschoolers


Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Area Home Schoolers


Michiana LIFE

Michiana Christian Home Educators (MCHE)

North East Indiana LIFE


Over the next few months I will be showcasing on-line resources
representing specific educational methods and subjects, low-cost
curriculum sources, and more. If you have or know of an on-line
resource that you would like to see listed in the "Hoosier
Homeschoolers On-line" portion of the IHEN Journal, send the
information to Jessica Radtke at: >

_______________________________________ COUNTY CONTACTS __________
> by b. b. bennett & marla james

The new IHEN County Contact volunteers are coming in! One at a time,
but they're coming. If you are an experienced homeschooler or you are
well connected in your local community, and want to help other
homeschoolers in your area keep up with all the great things there
are for homeschoolers in your county... why not sign up?

IHEN's goal is to have a volunteer parent homeschooler in every
county of the state, available to answer questions via e-mail. It's
really going to be easier than most people believe.

Most of the questions will be from people referred from the
IndianaHomeschoolers list, because they are interested in the
support groups or activities that are going on in your county.

Here's how to get started:

To volunteer as an IHEN County Contact, send your NAME, COUNTY,
and E-MAIL ADDRESS to > or to our
County Contact Tracker, Marla James at:

See the "CONTACTS" section of the "IHEN Journal" for more
important addresses.

_____ COUNTY CONTACTS TO DATE __________

We have volunteer IHEN County Contacts in the following

Allen | Boone | Delaware | Grant | Hamilton | Lake
Madison | Marion | Owen | Porter | Starke | Steuben

If your county isn't listed, and you think you can answer a few
questions a month by e-mail, why not e-mail Marla and the
address above and let her know you'd like to give this IHEN
County Contact thing a go! You can also see the current list of
contacts on the web at >

_______________________________________ OFF THE DEB END __________
> by debbie harbeson


Over the years, my kids developed several very strong interests and
we spent a lot of time and energy learning about them. One day, I
realized how this affected my vision while I traveled along the roads
we use often. Although the scenery remained essentially the same, I
discovered that my personal view varied depending on my kids' current
interests and activities.

Keith was fascinated with rocks and fossils for several years. We
read lots of books on the topic, joined a local rock club, and went
rock and fossil hunting. I learned about layers of rock and the
different types of rocks and fossils. Soon, every time we were on the
highway and going through a rock-cut, I found myself looking very
discriminately, searching for layers and wondering what type of rock
it was and whether it held any interesting fossils. I still do not
pass up a rock without picking it up and checking it out.

Melissa's early fascination was with animals of all sorts. We read
magazines and books, went on hikes, and became quite knowledgeable
about local animals. We learned a lot about predator birds and now I
always notice the red-tailed hawks that are fairly common along the
highway. I never paid much attention before. My husband came home one
day, excited because he knew he had seen a peregrine falcon. He knew
what it was because Melissa showed him an article in the paper about
a pair nesting on one of the Ohio River bridges. During this time we
used the bird-colored glasses she provided.

Melissa later got very interested and involved in gardening and plant
life in general. There I was again, traveling the road and finding
myself noticing the types of trees and wildflowers growing near the
shoulder. Did you know that the blue flowers of the chicory plant
only last one day?

Both of my kids are involved in Civil Air Patrol, a civilian
auxiliary of the Air Force that has a leadership program and now my
son is taking private pilot lessons. We live fairly close to the
local small airport and small planes commonly fly over the road I
travel often. When I see those planes, I take more notice now as to
what kind of plane it is and some days I even wonder whether or not
my son is the one flying!

It's fun to learn right along with your kids and take notice of
things you might never have paid much attention to before. Have
homeschooling-colored glasses changed your view of the world around

____________________________________ POINTS OF INTEREST __________

_____ LEARNING CENTERS (Part 3 of 3) __________
> by betty malone

LIFE LEARNING CENTER: REALITY (where we are at today)

The LIFE Learning Center of Madison County is continuing to work on
organizational structure. The planning and steering committee has
decided at this time to use an association aspect for funding and

While we researched the feasibility of securing separate 501 c, it
was decided that since we are physically located in the Boys and
Girls Club building, we did not need it for liability issues or
financial needs. The auxiliary/association approach allows us to
develop our own fundraising if it doesn't exceed $10,000 a year, and
I don't see that being a problem at this time.

Working with the Chief Professional Officer of the Boys Club, we have
decided to use the Project Learn name for the after school programs
for public school children and LIFE Learning Center for the majority
of other users. Major corporate funding will still be coming in under
the 501 structure of the Boys Club organization. As a separate
organization, the steering committee feels the need to maintain the
ability to secure independent funding and maintain our own financial
structure in the interest of moving the center if the need should
arise or conditions and stipulations with the Boys Club organization
should change.

We are having our first fundraiser, Growing Opportunities Geranium
Sales. If you are interested in supporting the learning center
concept, we would love to sell you a beautiful 4 in. red geranium for
$3.00, with an attached coupon from Blimpies for a free sub. Geraniums
can be picked up at Boys Club on June 15 from 10:00 until 1:00 or from
Betty Malone upon arrangement. E-mail > for

The major focus of LIFE Learning Center during summer hours will be
assisting the public school children who use the Boys Club facility.
We are planning some educational enrichment activities, a fine arts
program, and some fun stuff too! For the planning committee, work
will continue on developing board structure and finalizing
organization plans and focus. Each of us is researching and studying
the entire concept of learning centers as alternative education.

My July newsletter submission will be on the learning center concept
as opposed to charter schools or private schools.

Homeschooling, cooperative learning centers, homeschool co-ops; all
of these offer each family the opportunity to learn together. In my
opinion, there is no finer choice. Ben Franklin said that if you're
going to build something, build it as modern as you can, use the best
resources, the finest research, so that your work will still be worthy
when you are finished with the building. I believe in the work we are
doing on many levels to further the cause of home education in

On July 31st, I will be presenting a home education seminar at the
Lapel library at 11:30 and at 6:00 on August 1st. Of course we will
be discussing the plans of LIFE Learning Center for the fall, and all
the wonderful home education opportunities available in Indiana. But
for now, the hot tub is calling me! Happy homeschooling from LIFE
Learning Center.

Betty Malone is a Committee Member of Home Schools United as well as
the LIFE Learning Center Program Coordinator. She can be reached by
e-mail at: >


______________________________________________ CONTACTS __________
> who's who; what's where at IHEN

All volunteers working to bring IHEN to Hoosier homeschoolers can
be reached all at once by sending an e-mail to the IHEN
Organizational e-list address >
The current web site address for IHEN, where you can see up to
date information, resources and online versions of this newsletter
is at this URL: >

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