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>                                           #2.01 January 2002

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__________ CONTENTS ______________________________________________
>                        happy new year!

> [1] Letter from the Editor
          past, present and this issue

> [2] Letters from the Readers
          you read, you write, we read, we share

> [3] Indiana's E-list Digest
          a monthly sampler of the riches available on IHEN's
             statewide networking e-list: "IndianaHomeschoolers"

> [4] New "Keeper of the Lists"
          forget "Lord of the Rings!" we have a "List Master!"

> [5] County Contacts, the Column
          speaking of volunteers... still need 'em!


> [a] Contacts
          who's who; staff and volunteers
          e-mail addresses
          e-mail list addresses
          subscription instructions

> [b] Copyrights/Distribution
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__________ LETTER FROM THE EDITOR ________________________________
>[1]                                   by wendy schlie, editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another issue of IHEN Journal and a New Year! Here's to
hoping 2002 is better than 2001.

For me, last year was one of the most interesting years I recall ever
having. The first six months were pretty normal. I was pregnant with
my son Matthew and working with Northwest Indiana Literacy Corps, a
local AmeriCorps program, tutoring high school students in math and

For those of you unfamiliar with AmeriCorps, it is a national service
program, which was started in 1990 by then President Clinton. It's a
great program that does many things from tutoring to family advocacy
to computer training to forestry service. The participants are
technically volunteers but they receive a living stipend and an
education award (which may be used for any program at any accredited
college or to pay on student loans). I've participated in two
different programs & have greatly enjoyed both experiences. In
another Editor's Note, I'll tell you more about my experiences. And I
heartily recommend this to anyone who's interested in helping out in
their community and a way to go to college.

The best part of last year was, hands down, the birth of Matthew. He
arrived on June 24th and he's the joy of our family. Big brother
Thomas has taken on his role quite well and with very little jealousy
(for which I am truly thankful). Matthew is affectionately called
"Buddha" for he is a big boy. He started out at 9 lb. 5 oz. and 22
1/4 in. and has quickly grown to 26 lb. 5 oz. and 28 1/2 in. at the
age of 6 months! Matthew is a happy baby and has helped greatly to
keep us going thru the trials of the past year.

The second half of 2001 could have been better. On the bright side, I
officially started homeschooling Thomas. That has been going fairly
well. We have our ups and downs, as I'm sure all homeschooling
families have had. We're still working on our groove. Some days,
Thomas will sit down and it goes smoothly and we get a lot done.
Other days... Well, let's just say we're learning thru playing with
Legos. :)

On other fronts, financially the last six months have been a roller
coaster ride and not one I want to repeat ever again. Unfortunately,
the ride's not over yet, but hopefully by the next newsletter it will
be. I've learned a lot from this ride though. First, you can
homeschool without tons of school texts. :) As I may have mentioned
before, this is my first year and I had hopes of getting books to
help me make sure I cover everything. I worried a great deal about
it. But, I think we're faring quite well without the books, so far.
Second, you cannot have enough put aside for rainy days. Of course,
it was quite impossible to predict the "rainy days" lasting quite so
long. However, it has brought our family closer together and it
reminded us of the value of family and friends.

Towards the end of the year, I've gotten involved in two new
organizations. First is IHEN. I'm looking forward to really getting
it launched in the coming year. We've hit a lull in momentum with the
recent holiday celebrations, but I think that now the New Year has
started, we'll be able to really get the ball rolling. The other
organization I'm involved with is actually a church. The Pastor and
his wife are neighbors of mine and our boys are playing together
almost daily. They are hoping to have the church planted and doors
open by October. It'll be interesting for me helping these two
organizations launch.

Next month, I'll tell you about my adventures in teaching college
students. I start teaching math courses at Ivy Tech this month. I'm
very excited about the job. Teaching is something that I love doing
and teaching at Ivy Tech will still allow me to homeschool without
much interference.

In this month's issue, we have a new feature, Letters to the Editor.
I invite you to send in your comments on any articles or send in your
questions. I cannot promise every one of the letters will make it into
the newsletter, but I'll try to respond to them all. Also in this
issue is a summation of the discussions on the IndianaHomeschoolers
discussion list, plus an announcement about our new "E-list Keeper."

See you next month!


__________ LETTERS FROM THE READERS ______________________________
>[2]                                     comments always welcome!

Dear Wendy,

[In the Premier Issue of "IHEN Journal," you wrote:] "IHEN stands for
Indiana Home Educators Network, a new statewide homeschooling
organization. We are here to help people with questions about
homeschooling, support groups, laws, activities and other
homeschooling information. Our goal is to educate those who are
interested in homeschooling their own children or those who wish to
understand homeschooling better. We also hope to be able to connect
these people with experienced homeschoolers in their county."

I'm not sure who I should address this question to. How does the IHEN
differ in it's services to the Indiana home schooling community from
the IAHE [the Indiana Association of Home Educators] with their
regional reps.? Isn't the IHEN in many areas just duplicating efforts?

Lori C.

_____ Reply __________

As I understand it, the plans IHEN has to help homeschoolers connect
with other homeschoolers isn't trying to redo everything IAHE does.

I believe one of the goals is to simply refer people to the right
support group or individual that might be able to answer the parents'
questions about homeschooling in Indiana, with no deference to that
person's, or group's, affiliations. We felt the need for more contact
people throughout the state, as our statewide networking and
discussion e-mail list was regularly receiving questions from new or
prospective homeschoolers, requesting information.
[ >]

We knew there were possibly hundreds of support groups and
semi-regular gatherings of homeschoolers for one event or another,
that it only made sense to try to find as many people who were well
connected throughout their community to help local parents, new to
homeschooling, find matches or simply answer those questions we all
get from time to time.

_____ Editor's Mail Box __________

E-mail your letters to: >

IHEN Journal Editor

__________ INDIANA'S E-LIST DIGEST _______________________________
>[3]                                    by debbie harbeson

During the month of November, the IndianaHomeschoolers List
experienced the effects of some sort of electronic hiccup at
YahooGroups and our list was down for several days. It has since been
corrected. The only result of this mayhem is that the web page doesn't
show archives by month before November, but they do exist. You can
simply type the message number if you know it and go to that page.
You can also go into the archives by clicking on November or December
and then click previous to get back to older messages.

Now for this month's sampler of posts to the list:

    - Numbers refer to message number in the archives at
    - YahooGroups. You must be a list subscriber to access the
    - archives and files. Subscription information is below.

> Misc.:
5779  The month started off with a message about a positive
      homeschooling article in the newest issue of "HR Magazine"
      (Human Resources) called "Home is Where the School Is."

> Local Group and Support Resources:
5781  Starting a lending library in Brown County
5780  Chess
5791  Message about using libraries to create resource centers
      for homeschoolers
5805  Homeschool discounts in Evansville
5816  Local Class Resource for Shakespeare's Macbeth
5823  Request for pen pals
5826  Acting classes and Scholastic book sale
5825  Nutcracker Ballet in Anderson
5833  Homeschool theater group

> State Resources:
5820  Hoosier Hikers Council
5838  Homeschool Day at the Children's Museum Jan. 15

> Online Resources:
5806  Site for Software Downloads
5807  White House offers Freedom Timeline on website
5843  Christmas resources
5785  First Lego League Robotics Team Competitions

> Interesting Discussion Threads on:
*  Homeschooling Science and using The Magic School bus as a
*  Testing requirement for Indiana and some legal happenings in
   Knox County

_____ Shameless Plug __________

We believe that the "IndianaHomeschoolers" Networking and
Discussion list is probably one of the better statewide e-mail
discussion lists going! And what makes it the best, first source
for statewide homeschooling information and discussion? Our
subscribers. Parents who homeschool are proving every day that
Hoosiers are some of the nicest, most helpful people around. If
you aren't subscribed to IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" e-list,
then why not? It can't hurt, and you might even get the heads up
on a really great "Perfect Gift Idea" from one of our famous
"Off Topic" discussions!! ;-) 

To subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion
List, send an e-mail to: >


__________ LIST KEEPER ___________________________________________
>[4]                        by benjamin bennett

Jessica Radtke has volunteered to keep a list of e-mail lists
throughout Indiana. This is no small task, and I'm hesitant to say
any more, for fear of giving her just enough information for her to
realize what she's in for. :-)

If you moderate or manage or own (whatever!) an e-mail discussion
list (forum, e-list, board, whatever!) You might be seeing her name a
little more often. DO NOT FEAR! Jessica is a lurker/subscriber with a
good purpose! She has volunteered to keep the communication lines
open between all the various homeschooling related e-mail lists and
IHEN! It's a networking thing!

IHEN wants to keep in touch with list moderators, web masters and
support groups to make sure vital information is updated
periodically, and that information about the list or group or web
site (when ready) is uploaded to the IndianaHomeschoolers list files
as well as the IHEN site when we get one. If you want, suggest that
your list is cool enough to get mentioned in the "IHEN Journal!"
Jessica could "make it so" in a flash. She's just that good!

Jessica is just one more example of a go-getter homeschooling parent,
helping out other homeschoolers and the new IHEN to get and stay
organized. Why all this work? So that when you, average homeschooling
parent, get that question for the one-thousandth time: "How do you
homeschool?" you can say, "Subscribe to the IndianaHomeschoolers list
and find out for yourself. While you're at it, ask that question to
200 homeschoolers from around the state!"

How's THAT for an easy answer?

Thanks Jessica, for being yet another big help and good sport!

Say hi when she pops into YOUR cozy little e-mail list for tea and a

One last thing: If you are a list moderator or web master or have
anything to do with homeschooling in Indiana, and you would like IHEN
to know about it, e-mail your information to us at our organizational
list: >

Jessica hangs out there too!

__________ COUNTY CONTACTS _______________________________________
>[5]                            by b. b. bennett & marla james

We still need people to volunteer to be County Contacts. IHEN's
goal is to have a volunteer parent homeschooler in every county of
the state, available to answer questions via e-mail. Most of the
questions will be from people referred from the IndianaHomeschoolers
list, because they are interested in the support groups or
activities that are going on in your county. We anticipate the
e-mail traffic to be very low, but if you consider yourself "well
connected" and can help out one or two new homeschoolers a
year, wouldn't it be worth the time?

We thought so. Here's how to get started:

To volunteer as an IHEN County Contact, send your NAME, COUNTY,
and E-MAIL ADDRESS to > or to our
County Contact Tracker:
Marla James at >

See the "CONTACTS" section of the "IHEN Journal" for more
important addresses.

_____ COUNTY CONTACTS TO DATE __________

We have volunteer IHEN County Contacts in the following

Boone | Delaware | Hamilton | Lake | Madison
Marion | Owen | Porter | Starke | Steuben

If your county isn't listed, and you think you can answer a few
questions a month by e-mail, why not e-mail Marla and the
address above and let her know you'd like to try being an IHEN
County Contact!


__________ CONTACTS ______________________________________________
>[a]                     who's who; what's where at IHEN

All volunteers working to bring IHEN to Hoosier homeschoolers can be
reached all at once by sending an e-mail to the IHEN Organizational
e-list address >

_____ IHEN Journal STAFF __________

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_____ IHEN VOLUNTEERS _____________________________

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   Jessica Radtke >

IHEN's "IndianaHomeschoolers" E-LIST MANAGERS:
   Benjamin Bennett
   Debbie Harbeson

   Benjamin Bennett >

_____ IHEN E-MAIL LISTS __________

The Indiana Home Educators' Network invites you to subscribe to
"IndianaHomeschoolers," our statewide, open e-mail list for
networking with homeschoolers across Indiana. Our e-mail lists are
neither restricted to IHEN members nor to only homeschooling parents.
The "IndianaHomeschoolers" list is open to anyone with an interest in
educating their own children. We hope that by running our statewide
networking list in this fashion, we will be able to communicate to
anyone interested in homeschooling, the diversity and unique family
affirming qualities the home learning lifestyle provides.

Because of this philosophy, the topics and discussions on the
"IndianaHomeschoolers" list are general in nature. Any secondary
e-mail lists we promote or moderate in the future, will likely be
more focused on specific needs. We will try to promote those Indiana
lists in the future. If you moderate an Indiana homeschooling e-list,
write to the Editor (Wendy) with your request for inclusion in our
next issue > or our new E-list
Resource Coordinator, Jessica Radtke > who will
be gathering information for an e-mail discussion list, resource list.

You can join any of the e-mail discussion lists below, by going to
the web site, or sending a blank e-mail to the address given. Some
lists may not be affiliated directly with IHEN or IHEN's members and
are governed by their own rules of conduct as written by their
moderators. Please read list rules and descriptions carefully before
subscribing and posting:


   IndianaHomeschoolers: IHEN's Statewide Networking List

   IHEN-Org: IHEN's Organizational working e-list

   IHEN-News: Subscribe to the "IHEN Journal"





* Affiliated lists are e-mail discussion lists where someone from
IHEN knows and has had conversations with the list moderator. The
list moderator agrees with the principles and mission of IHEN and
while not speaking for IHEN, will attempt to conduct their e-mail
list in a manner that reflects the mission and principles of IHEN.

** Unaffiliated e-mail lists are Indiana homeschooling discussion
lists that have not chosen to affiliate with IHEN, but we feel are of
enough interest to some parents to list them in our directory. That
said, we can neither endorse, nor be held accountable to any actions,
content or abuses that may occur on these discussion lists. As in all
things, your mileage may vary. :-) If you feel any of these e-mail
lists are not worthy of listing, you may forward your comments to the
IHEN Organizational list address > for


To keep up with the latest news and information about the IHEN, all
you need to do is subscribe to our free newsletter, the "IHEN
Journal." Simply send an e-mail to the following address
> and become part of this
network of homeschoolers helping homeschoolers!!

If you would like to be unsubscribed from the "IHEN Journal." please
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